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Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam: for shared dining and cava in the middle of the Wallen

31 October 2017

Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam, a little bit of spain in amsterdam

Cravings for cava, paella bitterballs and pulpo? Then Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam might be your new favourite spot to celebrate the weekend with friends. In the middle of the Wallen, in the Lange Niezel, you’ll find the just opened Xampanyeria Centra, a Spanish restaurant with quite a history. Seventy years ago Restaurant Centra opened its doors here and introduced the Spanish cuisine in Amsterdam. This became very successfull. All of Amsterdam came and enjoyed the Spanish chaotic cooks, ignored the bright TL lighting and they all eat the big pans with paella. Restaurant Centra went bankrupt last year, but got a new start with Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam.

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Although you find the restaurant in the middle of the Wallen, they mainly focus on the Amsterdammer and you’ll notice that immediately. Tourists walk pas the champagneria and the restaurant slowly fills up with real Amsterdammers. Fun! The Spanish cava’s are popped, the light slightly dimmed and the divine manchego cheeses are served. It almost feels like we actually are in Spain for a while… Fun: the “fans” of Restaurant Centra who regularly came to grab a bite, now love to go to Xampanyeria Centra.

Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam for cava’s from spain

Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam is of course more than a Spanish restaurant, you can choose from 9 different types of cava from Spain ánd the restaurant’s own cava (recommended!). Also you can get Spanish cider here; order sidra. A slightly sour but no less tasty cider.

Xampanyeria centra amsterdam Xampanyeria centra amsterdam

spanish dishes to share at Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam

Perhaps there is not much left of the interior of the Spanish restaurant that served paella since 1947, the menu still contains lots of Spanish dishes made with love. Ánd paella, but then in a crispy jacket. Here you can have paella bitterballs and believe me, those are delicious! At Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam everything is about shared-dining, small dishes that you can share with everyone. Fun for date night with your lover or a night out with friends! Even at night you can walk in here for a glass of wine and a snack. And not regular snacks; sardines! Conserved sardines from Spain and Portugal, served with toasted bread, lemon and pickled vegetables.

Vegetarian? No problem! At Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam there are many vegetarian dishes on the menu. Have the Ajo Blanco with cauliflower, grapes and almonds ;-)

Xampanyeria centra amsterdam

Manchego with homemade Membrillo and Cecina De Leon – dried and smoked beef ham

Paella bitterballs, Ajo Blanco with cauliflower, grapes and almonds and Baquerones with ansjovis, egg, lemon and smoked pepper

Conserved sardines, hand-filled ;-)

My favourite: roasted pulpo with rice, seaweed, mussels and peas

Duroc ribs with green plums and sherry lacquer

Homemade Nutella, olive oil, sea salt and toast and in the background Catalan bread pudding with orange, cinnamon and crispy caramel

Will you come soon to taste the Duroc Ribs at Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam?

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Xampanyeria Centra

Lange Niezel 29

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)


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