New year, new home: here you’ll score the best velvet and colourful sofas

are you going for velvet or hot pink in your home this year?

Sounds familiar? That you ALWAYS feel like redecorating your house at the beginning of the year? For me personally it goes from a giant rage of cleaning to decluttering and making room for fresh new items. And this year it’s even more so than usual. As we’re redecorating our home completely and make room for my baby. My safe, light gray designer couch will be the first one to leave the house. This year I want some colour. More colour in my life, but also more colour in my home.

De Sofacompany has been in the middle of the Pijp in Amsterdam for a while now. And if you’re just as in love with velvet sofas, chairs and poufs in all of the trendy colours like me, you’ll want to know this store. They also have an amazing collection with beautiful leather couches, that you’ll lover probably love as well. With a baby on the way I thought it might be smart to go for a leather couch. But of course with some velvet accessories, probably even in pink. YES!

Tip: at De Sofacompany you can completely design your own dream sofa, pouf or fauteuil. You can combine (almost) all the designs, fabrics and colours with each other to make your own perfect piece of furniture that’s made and ordered especially for you. How cool is that?


This year I want colour. More colour in my life, but also more colour in my home.

6 X living trends to work with in 2018:

  • This might take some time getting used to… but PURPLE is going to be the it-colour in 2018. Also for inside your home!

  • Isn’t your lover to keen on having a velours couch in a nice colour for inside your home? Then go for a hocker or pouf like I did!

  • Natural colours and natural materials are a keeper!

  • Pick something in deep green, preferably velours. It combines well with almost anything!

  • Ocher yellow is on its way of making a come back into your interior! Suddenly I see ocher yellow walls everywhere, but this can of course also be beautiful as a couch, pillows of pouf!

the nordics do it better!

By the way, did you know that De Sofacompany is a Danish company? Founders Cathrine and Christian Rudolph have started the branded to make beautiful design furniture and sell it at an honest price. This is made possible because of the collection that’s mainly being sold online without a third party. But… because of their success they’ve opened actual stores. In The Netherlands and Belgium the showrooms of De Sofacompany can be found in the following cities:

AMSTERDAM – Stadhouderskade 115

ARNHEM – Vlamoven 37

ROTTERDAM – Coolsingel 79

ANTWERPEN – Mechelsesteenweg 6

Ⓒ De Sofacompany

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In samenwerking met De Sofacompany

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