5 X Winter movies to watch when it’s freezing cold outside

20 January 2019

Who says you can’t stay inside and cocoon all  weekend long?

Brrr, it’s so cold outside! Every morning I’m dressing myself a little bit too cold what makes me arrive at the office as an ice cube. That it’s minus 3 to 5 degrees outside is just something I can’t and don’t want to accept. That it’s white outside every morning and that we could almost wear shorts with Christmas is something I also can’t and won’t accept.

That’s why we moved the list with our favorite winter movies to January. Winter-ish movies that are perfect for a weekend long of cocooning at home. And I’m sure you will miss Christmas already when watching them!  So, turn op the heater, make yourself some hot chocolate and jump on the couch with the following 5 winter movies to watch right now.

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5 x winter-ish movies that are perfect for a weekend at home

The holiday: You’ve probably seen The Holiday a million times, but it’s still a nice one to watch. Start up your Netlix, get back to bed and enjoy this lovely feel good movie. While other are freezing to death outside of course;-).

Just friends: Chris wasn’t that handsome when he was younger, but years later he bumbed into his teenage girlcrush. You can guess how much Chris changed and what happens with Christmas… Love is the air! Just Friends is a lovely feel good movie to watch with minus 5 degrees.

Happy feet: Our little, big friend Mumble needs a spot in the list with winter movies to watch right now. Not really a feel goof movie all the time, tears will be there, but it won’t let him disappear out of the list. Enjoy!


The family stone: When it’s cold outside the only thing we really want is to crawl under a blanket and laugh about the funniest movies. The Family Stone is a movie like that, you’re only hoping this will never happen to you…

Bridget jones: OMG the new Bridget Jones movie is so much fun! But check the other two movies as well. Than’ll you have some excuses to stay in bed the whole morning;-).

Ps: Did you already see our new, monthly guide with the best movies to watch this January?

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