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13 x wine bars in Amsterdam for a boozy night

27 December 2018

wine lovers pay attention: thESE are the best wine bars in amsterdam

Are you looking for nice wine bars in Amsterdam? Then I’m sure that, like us, you enjoy nothing more than a night spent drinking wine with your friends or your lover. Nothing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Or are you just in the mood for a good drink, but don’t want to go to a brown cafe or a bar? Then check out one of the wine bars in Amsterdam where you can spend your entire night. Go for your favorite wine, or choose to do the wine tasting with your friends. Suddenly we’re in the mood for a nice glass of wine now. You too? Then these are the best wine bars in Amsterdam!

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13 X WIne bars IN AMSTERDAM to try out

Alex+Pinard: Alex+Pinard makes good wine accessible. What that means? Affordable wine of good quality, which is also delicious and there are not too many substances in it. The wines at Alex+Pinard are as pure as possible. But what they find more important is the taste: you’ll have to feel good about it.

Le Baravin: Are you in love with the French kitchen and her beautiful wines? Then Le Baravin, a new wine bar and French paradise in the Pijp is where you want to go. A wine bar where you can only order French wines and French dishes made with French products.

Champagneria Five Brothers Fat: Champagneria Five Brothers Fat is the first champagneria in Amsterdam and makes many hearts race. A restaurant focussed on champagne, I mean, can it even get better?!

Xampanyeria Centra: Xampanyeria Centra is a Spanish restaurant where you can choose from 9 different types of cava from Spain ánd the restaurant’s own cava (recommended!).  The menu contains lots of Spanish dishes made with love. Ánd paella, but then in a crispy jacket. Here you can have paella bitterballs and believe me, those are delicious!

SHIRAZ: SHIRAZ Jardin des Vins & Boutique Amsterdam is both a wine bar and wine boutique in one. Better said: you can take your favourite bottle with you back home! This spot is also perfect fo shared dining!

shiraz amsterdam


Wester Wijnfabriek: The name (Wester Winefactory) already shows that this spot on the Westergasterrein loves wine. A wine bar, wine shop, wine lab and wine tasting in one. You’ll definitely have a boozy night!

Restaurant De Klepel: Transformed from a brown cafe to a French oriented restaurant with the nicest wines. You can choose from 300 different bottles here, which is perfect for a nice date night or a night out with your friends!

Glou Glou: Delicious organic wines are what you can order at Glou Glou in The Pijp. These wines are made without any artificial additives. You can easily order another bottle, because it means good quality wine and therefor no hangover:-) The sun shines on the terrace till the late afternoon, but if it’s bad weather it’s definitely not a punishment to have to sit inside. The interior is very cosy, and then glass in lead doors really adds the finishing touch!

Bar Centraal: Bar Centraal is not only the little brother, or better said the big brother of wine bar GlouGlou, but also your new favourite place to go in Old West. At the corner of the Ten Kate Market and Bellamystraat Bar Centraal will soon open a new restaurant/bar where you get a variety of natural wines, the best dishes and some bites and drinks in the late hours.

Barrica: whether you go here for the great Mediterranean food or just a glass of wine Barrica is a great spot in Amsterdam West. It has this great international vibe and I love to go here for a bit and drinks with friends.

barrica amsterdam

More hotspots in Amsterdam

Wijnbar Paulus: At Wijnbar Paulus in The Pijp you can drink wine in a cosy living room. Socialise with your friends while enjoying luxurious snacks. The wine menu is selected carefully and has a wide range of wines, and the atmosphere is so relaxed that you won’t want to go back to your own living room.

Rayleigh & Ramsay: A wine bar at the Overtoom with an amazing concept. You can tap your own wine overhere. That means you can decide yourself how full the glass is going to be!

Worst Wijncafé: Three guesses what the speciality is at Worst Wijncafé (Sausage Winecafe). Exactly, sausages and wine. At this wine bar in the Westerpark you’ll find good wines that you can combine with a nice sausage. Sounds delicious right?

Have fun!

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