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Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam: new neighbourhood favourite in The Pijp

6 March 2017


Wijmpje Beukers in Amsterdam is the new addition to the cosy The Pijp. You’ll find this restaurant on the ‘other’ side of the Ceintuurbaan, where it’s not as nice when it comes to hospitality. As soon as  you walk into Wijmpje Beukers you’ll notice straight away: this restaurant doesn’t go along with trends, it really stays true to itself. A restaurant that’s great now, and will be just as good in 10 years. You don’t go there for the hip interior, but for the delicious food and the extremely welcoming staff.

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The prices are great (almost all main courses are under €20,-) and the host Maarten makes sure your entire evening goes perfectly. On a chilly Thursday night we like to go to Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam for a delicious meal. This restaurant is great for date night, or with a group of friends, and you can also take your parents (in-law). Reserving isn’t possible and for Amsterdam that’s actually quite nice sometimes. Because last-minute plans are usually the best anyway!

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Menu x Wijmpje Beukers

The menu at Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam changes every week. As soon as a dish has finished it gets taken off the menu. Though, Wijmpje Beukers also has a few classics that are always on their menu. For a starter that’s the carpaccio, for main it’s the hare, and for dessert its the dame blanche. But don’t expect just a standard dish from these three eatery classics… at Wijmpje Beukers the dishes look really good. And they taste good too! There are also a few vegetarian dishes on the menu and Maarten will gladly tell you all about the weekly changing meals.

We went for the confit gamba and sea bass as starters, so good! After that I had a piece of Bonte Bentheimer pork and for my love the hare. For dessert we shared a plate of cheese, that (finally!) was the perfect temperature. Something that we sadly haven’t been experiencing at restaurants lately.

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

Wijmpje Beukers Amsterdam

what else makes wijmpje beukers so nice?

This new restaurant really has its own style. There’s no doubt about it that this is going to be a neighbourhood favourite. Do you by the way know where the name Wijmpje Beukers comes from? The restaurant is named after Maarten’s mother (Spakenburgs), his hospitality mentor. The name is a symbol for his career is the hospitality industry. And truth be told… it’s a good name that allows for a  bit of curiosity and imagination. If you go to Wijmpje have a good listen to the playlist, because they have a very fun 80’s playlist!

On Sunday and Monday the restaurant is closed, but the rest of the week they’re open for lunch, drinks, and dinner.

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Wijmpje Beukers

Karel du Jardinstraat 47

Amsterdam (De Pijp)

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