As a girl in Uganda!

12 October 2014

From dream destination to my second home

When you think of safari you think of South-Africa, Kenya or Tanzania most of the time. That Uganda is a great country for wildlife and holiday is not really top of mind. I have to admit that I only knew it for the gorillas… until I met Leonard, my boyfriend.

Leonard is half Ugandan. His father is born in Uganda and his mom is Dutch. They met each other in Egypt when his dad was studying medicine there and just like with Leonard and me they fell in love.

When Plan Netherlands asked me if I wanted to support a project in Uganda I said yes immediately. Because of my family in law I have a special bond with this country too. It’s great to be able to do something good for the girls in Uganda on the International day of the girl.

Most past of the family of my boyfriend lives in Kampala and my parents in law also have a house there. As a world traveller I thought that was so interesting when we met. It didn’t take long before we booked our first ticket to explore the country together. A trip to a dream destination!

Most dream destinations also have a darker side though. Uganda had many wars and although it’s safe now there are parts where the people are very poor. Unfortunately this leads to unequal changes for girls.

I had all the changes in my life for a bright future. I studied, found a good job and now I’m even an entrepreneur! One of the biggest achievements to make Your Little Black Book my company.

Because it’s the International Day of the Girl I want to ask your attention for a project of Plan Netherlands that raises attention to something that is not openly talked about in Uganda. E Even though it’s the reason that many girls in Uganda don’t finish their school. Having their period!

A topic that I think is the most common thing in the world. But for girls in poor villages in Uganda something that influences their future. When a girl has her period she can often nog go to school that week. Simply because they don’t have the money to pay for something simple as sanitary pads. Because of that they get behind on their schoolwork and drop out of school more often. Changes on a better future are gone!

The project of Plan Netherlands in Uganda supports 1 girl for 1 year with a donation of € 5,- with sanitary pads so she can finish her school.

There are so many problems in the world, but this is one thing that’s so easy to solve… How simple can it be?

I already made a donation that helps many girls in Uganda.
Do you help too?
Click here to make a donation of € 5,- (of more!) >>.

A a supporter of this project in Uganda… Thank you!



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