Waxx Kappers Amsterdam: cool hair salon in De Pijp

Waxx Kappers Amsterdam

This is the hair salon next to Hutspot on the Van Woustraat!

Do you know Waxx kappers Amsterdam yet? This is the salon next to Hutspot atthe Van Woustraat. Perfect to go for a hair cut first and then to Hutspot for lunch. I love hair salons with a unique interior. And Waxx Kappers did a great job! Old doors as a wall cover mixed with vintage and wood. Love it! Recently I was at Waxx kappers for a hair cut and some colouring. I like to wear my hair long and it must be easy to style. For my colour I always do ombre. Light at the tips and dark on the roots. I have a secret to share… my hair is getting grey. BOEH! So I have to colour it every 6 weeks or so. I think it’s the result of working 80 hours a week ;-). Luckily Joep knew exactly what to do! He’s the owner of Waxx and a great guy and entrepreneur. Went home with happy new hair!

Also nice: at Waxx in De Pijp they serve you coffee… but also wine if you like that better. You can imagine what I chose ;-). Waxx Kappers Amsterdam

Waxx Kappers Amsterdam

Address: Van Woustraat 8, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: De Pijp
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