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4 X Waroeng restaurants in Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia) not to miss

19 March 2017

authentic food in yogyakarta can be found at these waroengs

In Yogyakarta you can find lots of hip restaurants. Especially for all you hotspots lovers I’ve made an elaborate blog about it. But if you’re just like me and love Indonesian food, you’ll definitely want to try an authentic Waroeng in Yogyakarta for once (or perhaps every evening!). Don’t expect hip interior, but most likely some plastic chairs, lighting that doesn’t add anything to the atmosphere and really delicious food.

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4 x waroengs in Yogyakarta not to miss!

  1. Waroeng Steak and Shake: this Waroeng has locations all over Java and has several establishments in Yogyakarta.
    Jl. Colombo No.26 & Jl. Cenderawasih No.30
  2. Waroeng SS: the ‘SS’ stands for ‘Special Sambal’ and this could very well be the best Waroeng in Yogyakarta. This diner too has several establishments, but the one below are supposed to be the best.
    Jl. MT. Haryono No.5 & Jl. Kaliurang KM. 3
  3. Warung Makan Bali Bima Kroda: this Waroeng is situated a little outside the touristic centre but is a favourite among the locals!
    Jalan Sorowajan no 116C RT 12/RW 11
  4. Rumah Makan Kebon Ndhelik Bausasran: This Waroeng is about a 15 minute walk from Jl. Malioboro and serves delicious authentic dishes from Java.
    Jalan Bausasran No.52

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This is how you get there: There are several airlines that fly to Java daily. Of course you can fly directly to Yakarta and then on to Yogyakarta, but it’s also fun to do a stop-over in another cool city like Singapore or Hong Kong. In that case, fly with Singapore Airlines or with Cathay Pacific. They even often have a direct flight to Yogyakarta!


Yourlbb’s favourite hotels in Yogyakarta: You won’t lack nice hotels in Yogyakarta! From hip budget design hotels to luxurious hotels that include literally everything where you’d rather not leave after checking in.
> Phoenix
> Hyatt
> Gallery
> Grand Aston
> Gaia Cosmo
> Greenhost Boutique Hotel 
> Adhisthana Hotel
> Inna Garuda
> Rumah

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