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Amsterdam North Walk: Route from the NDSM wharf to the Ponthaven

15 May 2024

Strolling through Amsterdam North ~ Team Your Little Black Book has listened to you and taken walks to almost every part of the city in Amsterdam. We kick off with [category cat=”5684″ text=”Amsterdam North”]. A district where you (unless you live there) might not come daily. There are several ferries and of course the North-South Line so you’ll be there in no time. Although Amsterdam North has changed enormously in the last recent years, it is still one of the most industrial districts in the city. With a lot of street art and since last year also a lot of new parts that are suddenly becoming even more trending.

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Favoriete NL Vakantiehuizen

Walking route through the industrial amsterdam north

How well do you know [category cat=”5684″ text=” Amsterdam North”]? Team YOURLBB has mapped out a walking route just for you including our favourite hotspots. Keep a close eye on the developments around lockdowns, it may be that some locations are unfortunately still closed. This walk is just over 7 kilometers, depending on the routes you take. It’s best to always view the locations on Google Maps for the best route from A to B.

Start walking through Amsterdam north

Discover the NDSM-Wharf

We start the route on the hip NDSM wharf, where the famous  IJ halls are held every month when there is no lockdown. Fingers crossed that this will start again soon, because trust me you want to visit this one! For the best finds you go as early as possible. Get a coffee to go or something different but tasty at hotspots like IJver or Pllek at the NDSM wharf. Check out the murals and the huge amount of street art at the NDSM wharf. And did you know that there is the old crane hotel where you can actually sleep with views over the city? In the vicinity of the NDSM wharf you will find many hotels.Also a nice side of the city to stay if you don’t live in Amsterdam. After exploring the [category cat=”5782″ text=” NDSM-Werf”] you walk through the Poppies to the Knight Railway (towards the side of EYE Museum).

wandeling amsterdam noord

IJver, Amsterdam

continue your walk through amsterdam north

Vintage shopping in the North

At the Ridderspoorweg there are a few nice vintage interior shops, such as Van Dijk & Co  and Neef Louis. When there’s no lockdown, be sure to go in there and stay. You’ll also find a nice stop for something tasty (to go):  Truepleasure. BarBouquet is also a nice spot to get something delicious for your walk. Via the Distelweg you can also take a look at the thrift store De Location. Who knows, you might find another nice pre-loved item that you can refurbish. (Please note that the shops are unfortunately closed until further notice!)

You will then walk along the Asterdwarsweg. This part of Amsterdam North is on the rise. For example, you’ll find bacalar on one of the side streets for delicious tacos. This part of the city reminds of Bushwick in New York, with the old workshops being transformed into restaurants and creative desks. Nxt Museum, one of the newest museums in Amsterdam with high-profile changing exhibitions, is also located here.

bacalar amsterdam, wandeling amsterdam noord

© Bacalar

Continue your walk through amsterdam north

Van der Pekbuurt

Turn left into the Grasweg and walk through the Ranonkelkade to the Van der Pekstraat. On the square near the Hawthornweg you will find several nice hotspots that also all do take-away. I definitely recommend to get some tasty cheese from kef’s to snack at home. You are now in the up-and-coming Van de Pekbuurt. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you will find the Warenmarkt here at the Pekmarkt, with an extensive range of food and non-food. One of the best restaurants in the area is Café Modern, where you can also order a 4-course dinner for home every Saturday.

Walk all the way through van der Pekstraat and walk towards Taverno Willi Becher at papaverhoek 31. Another piece of North on the rise. In this area you can also find The Poppy, for nice pizza and with good weather you can grab a ice cream at Ice Ice Baby. Then cross the Short Poppy Road towards De Ceuvel  and take a well-deserved break.

taverno willi becher amsterdam

© Teverno Willi Becher

continue your walk through amsterdam north

Are you fully charged again? Then head for the North Park. A beautiful park you may not know so well. Here you will find the hotspot Pompet. Get a coffee to go or something tasty and then walk through the park towards the Johan van Hasseltweg and the  Muffled Hammer Canal.

a Shorter walking route through amsterdam north

You can also skip the North Park and go this way immediately after De Ceuvel. You will find several hotspots, such as the Skatecafé, Hotel de Goudphzant,  Hangar  and Europa Pizza. Of course it’s best when they’re open, but luckily there’s take-away! In this area you will also find many breweries, such as Oedipus. But also  Chateau Amsterdam, where wine is bottled and where they also have a tasting room. And have you ever been to WONDR?  The ‘Instagram museum’ in the North? Hopefully all these hotspots will reopen soon, but with this walk you will soon find all the addresses effortlessly easy.

Pompet Amsterdam - restaurants in een groene omgeving

© Pompet

end of your amsterdam north walk

A’dam Tower, EYE and Tolhuistuin

Through accessing the Hagedoornplein and the Buiksloterweg you walk towards The Tolhuistuin This is the final part of this walking route through Amsterdam North. At  Indofood, for example, you can find something tasty to eat. To eat directly on a bench or bring something delicious home. Near the ferry towards Central Station you will find several architectural highlights of the city. Like the famous A’dam Tower with the  Amsterdam Lookout. Is it open and have you never rocked in this high swing over the edge of the tower? Definitely do it once! Another beautiful building around here is the EYE Film Museum. If there is no lockdown, it is nice to visit the cinema here! Finally, get a Brew Your Own package from The Coffee Virus to brew your own coffee at home like a real barista. With the ferry you will be back on the other side of the city in just 5 minutes.

We hope you liked this trail! Of course, you can also ride it by bike if you find the distances too long. Have fun!

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Expo's Amsterdamse musea Eye filmmuseum

Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam © Facebook

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