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6 x waffles in Amsterdam that you want to try

26 June 2016

channel your inner sinner with these waffles in amsterdam

Did you know that you can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The variations are endless and that’s something we do not mind at all ;-) The most delicious waffles of Amsterdam are hidden on the menus between the salads and sandwiches. But because we can enjoy a delicious waffles every now and then just like you do, we did some field research. May I present you the 6 x the best waffles in Amsterdam? Mmm!

Wafels in Amsterdam

Eastside | waffles IN AMSTERDAM

At this hotspot you not only get the best but also the most beautiful waffles in Amsterdam! Here you’ll find a subtile American vibe that fits perfectly with the menu. Our tip? The classic waffles with maple syrup!
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Chicks love donuts | waffles IN AMSTERDAM

Yes we do! But here the waffles are even better! The Korean sisters Lin and Suzanne serve waffles with a Korean touch here. Forget chocolate, here you can enjoy waffles with fried chicken! And honestly, they’re even better than those with chocolate ;-)
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Wafels in Amsterdam

GS | Waffles in Amsterdam

When we looked at the menu at Gs we were happily surprised. I mean, there’s a waffle burger on the menu. Say whuuuut? And it gets even better: there’s also chicken on it! And although it’s not the most healthy dish, it sure tasted delicious. So for your inner sinner: get this waffle asap!
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Hendrix | Waffles in Amsterdam

Do you want to relax at an inspiring place? Hendrix brings soul to the table. In the background you’ll here soul music and on the huge terrace outside it’s sunny all day. And the biggest plus: they serve our favourite waffle. With spinach, smoked salmon, egg and red onion. Delicious!
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Staring at Jacob | WAFfles IN AMSTERDAM

For a typical American lunch Staring at Jacob is the perfect place. Waffles are freshly made and still warm when you get them. Our favourite here? The one with fresh fruit topped of with a little bit of icing sugar. Tastes perfect on a lazy Sunday ;-)
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Wafels in Amsterdam

Cut Throat Barber and Coffee | waffles IN AMSTERDAM

This concept is so much fun! A barber, coffee shop and eatery in one! Okay, they only cut men, but everybody is welcome for the food! The lunch is inspired by New Zealand and goes from mussels to waffles. We already know what to choose ;-)
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