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Checking-in: Voyage hotel in Bodrum

6 September 2017

this boutique resort has a great all inclusive package!

When I visited Bodrum for the first time a couple of years ago I went there with my lover for a lovely relax vacation and it was then that this region in Turkey (close to Greece) stole my heart. Especially in the spring and fall I absolutely love it there. Just recently I went to Bodrum for Corendon to put together this travel guide. I instantly felt that happy feeling again. The friendly people, great service, beautiful boutique hotels, azure blue water and delicious food.

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

The perception that coastal sites like Bodrum only have immensely large all inclusive hotels is the biggest misconception if you ask me, and it gives the Turkish coastal sites an underappreciated image YES, of course… They are there! But there are also lovely boutique resorts that are all inclusive, like the Voyage Hotel just outside of Bodrum. An adults only hotel where you’re provided with everything you need during your holiday. What I personally like to see is that in the spring and fall lots of Turkish natives spend their vacation in Bodrum. Lots of richer Turkish habitants have a second home in Bodrum, but you’ll also see Turkish yuppies in the Voyage Hotel, for example from Istanbul who just come here for a weekend away.

With Corendon you’ll fly directly from Amsterdam to Bodrum in a little over three hours. From the airport it’s approximately a 40 minute drive to the Voyage Hotel and if you would like to get there as quickly as possible, you can book a private transfer. We stayed in a suite with a view of Bodrum city during our mini break of three nights. The Voyage Hotel is situated in a beautiful bay just outside of the centre and you can take a watertaxi from the hotel to the harbour of Bodrum for a mere  € 2,- . Very fun to do (make sure to have some small change on you)! You can’t make me any happier than waking me up with a sea view. So good to have your first coffee out on the balcony while the sun is still rising. The great thing about the suites in the hotel is that you have a seperate living area and sleeping area so you have some more space.

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

During the winter you’ll stay in the Voyage Hotel on a base of bed and breakfast, but from April on they provide an ultra all inclusive formula. In short that means you can make use of the restaurants the whole day through and all the drinks are included. I’ve been to several all inclusive resorts on work occassions and I’ve got to say that this one is the best I’ve visited so far. The food was amazing, from breakfast to dinner. The Turkish cuisine is just very good and tasteful. With lots of grilled vegetables, fish, spiced meat and salads. At the beach area there’s also a nice juice bar where you can get fresh juices with laying on a bed and enjoying the sea view.

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Unfortunately we were a bit out of luck regarding the weather during our stay. Yes, just our luck: the days before we got there and on the day we left the weather was completely sunny, but we got storms and rain. On days like this a nice luxurious resort like the Voyage Hotel is a big plus. If the weather’s no good you’ll completely come at ease in the Hammam or sauna.

Like I wrote before the Voyage Hotel is situated in a bay just outside of the city Bodrum. There’s no beach at the hotel, but you can have a bed directly by the water and through a small stairway or directly from the pier you can jump right into the water. So you don’t have to be afraid for some sand between your toes ;-). The pool can be found a little above the garden with hammocks, next to the gym. Over there it’s also lovely, but personally a sea view is always priceless to me!

Are you going to Bodrum anytime soon and are you still looking for a hotel? If yes, I can wholeheartedly recommend this hotel to you!
Would you like to stay in the Voyage Hotel? Then check out the best rates below via Corendon. During the high season they offer daily flights from Amsterdam to Bodrum and Corendon also has a selection of accommodations, ranging from three star apartments to luxurious five star all inclusive resorts like the Voyage Hotel, where I stayed in. You can already book a vacation starting from € 249,- including a two way ticket, airport transfer and accommodation.


Voyage Hotel Bodrum

Bodrum Travel Tips

If you’re going to Bodrum I recommend you to rent a car for a day and drive around the peninsula, for example to the Palmarina harbour in Yalikavak and afterwards go for some fish at one of the terraces by the sea in the small town Gümüşlük. If you’d rather not drive yourself you can also book these excursions via your hotel. A couple of years ago I also did a tour on a boat, which was very nice too! If you’re with a group of friends you could, for example, charter your own Gulet (a traditional Turkish sailing boat) for a private cruise on the water!

In the Bodrum Travel Guide on Your Little Black Book you can find lots of more tips on how to make your vacation to Bodrum one to remember!

Have fun!

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Voyage Hotel Bodrum

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