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Winter meals at Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

15 November 2015

Winter’s coming! Time for Dutch stews at Vondelpark3!

With winter setting in, I crave for typical winter dishes. The real Dutch stews or oven dishes. This is why I’m so happy with the new menu of Vondelpark3 with winter specials! Winter meals served on a large platter. The plates are perfect to share, as you can order them for two!

Beef roulade, lamb shank, duck confit or red barbel. Served with a variety of winter vegetables such as parsnip, carrots, sweet potato, celeriac, beet and fennel. Nothing beats such delicious winter meals!

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Vondelpark3 AmsterdamVondelpark3 Amsterdam

New menu X Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

The new menu has just been launched, and of course I wanted to try it immediately. Also nice to know: Vondelpark3 recently had a small reconstruction. Couldn’t wait to check that out either. A new wooden floor, new lighting and an antique cakes cabinet. Vondelpark3 became an even greater place than it was before. So warm and cosy, a great spot to have dinner with your family or boyfriend.

But first: the food! As we already decided on ordering a winter meal with meat, I choose for a starter with fish: the scallops with pancetta, chicory and a sugar-loaf crostini. Furthermore, we ordered a tomato tartare made of lightly smoked tomatoes with poached egg and a crisp of Parmesan cheese. It was so good! And so tasteful! Especially the scallops (one of my favourites!) is an absolute must try.

Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

As main dish we tried the lamb shank with roasted mediterranean vegetables, roseval potatoes and thyme. Oh my, this was so delicious! The meat was so tender it fell right off the bone… and the combination with the potatoes and vegetables was just perfect. Complement the food with a glass of red wine and your winter meal is complete.

Not up for winter dishes? The menu also has a broad range of other dishes, such as rib-eye steak, satay, cod fish, gnocchi and the catch of the day. And I can assure you: also these dishes taste great. But hey, in this cold period the Dutch winter meals really are a must try!

Vondelpark3 Amsterdam Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

Of course, we reserved some space for dessert. With the new cakes cabinet we made sure to try some of the new things. We choose the chocolate pie, cassis macaron, and petit fours.

What else they serve for dessert? Apple pie, red velvet cake, lemon cake, brownies, and chocolate balls. So, go here after a walk at the Vondelpark to indulge yourself with something sweet and a coffee or a hot chocolate milk!

Vondelpark3 AmsterdamPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal

Vondelpark on friday X Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

Vondelpark3 has not only undergone a small transformation and created a new menu, there’s even more news! Vondelpark on Friday is back! A super fun friday aftnernoon drink on a beautiful location – because, you have to admit: the old Vondelpark pavilion is the most stunning location at the Vondelpark. So, have a drink and dance the night away at Vondelpark3!

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Vondelpark 3

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