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Viscafé de Gouden Hoek Amsterdam: seafood restaurant in West

2 March 2016

real good food at Viscafé de Gouden Hoek AMsterdam

As soon as you learn “Viscafé” means fish cafe, it’s no surprise  brand new spot Viscafé de Gouden Hoek serves fish! This cute cafe is within walking distance of the Westerpark, at the Limburg of Stirumplein (nearby Bardot!). Highly recommended for anyone who loves fish dishes. No fancy stuff though and it’s nothing like a English fish & chip cafe either. Go here for a nice atmosphere and great food cause here they know how to cook!

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So, what’s on the menu? Dutch shrimp croquettes, mussels with bread, fried fish and remoulade, oysters, fish & chips (fried in tempura batter, served with a sriracha mayonnaise, yum!), Bisque of Oosterschelde crabs and more! Don’t forget to ask about their catch of the week. Every week they serve dishes made with another, sometimes a bit forgotten, fish. I just can’t wait to try it all!

Photocredits: Maarten Willemstein

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Viscafe de Gouden Hoek

Van Limburg Stirumstraat 10A

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)
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