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Visbar Beet Amsterdam for affordable fish bites

4 January 2017

sustainable and affordable fish bites at visbar beet amsterdam!

First it were burgers, ribs and chicken. Now fish and taco’s. And then especially the fish concepts are rising stars in our city. We van eat fish at several places like: The Seafood Bar,  Viscafé de Gouden Hoek, John Dory and Pesca, and of course Visbar Beet Amsterdam. Fish is the new chicken in Amsterdam!

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Because at Visbar Beet Amsterdam it’s – of course – all about fish. And then especially all about sustainable and affordable fish. The three entrepreneurs behind Beet want to make the gap between the traditional fish specialist – which closes at 18 hrs – and the expensive seafood restaurant a bit smaller. Actually, a whole lot smaller. So also after six you can go here for your take-away kibbeling, your quick herring bite or just simply dine in the form of fish and chips. And dining and wining should go very smooth here, because they have more than 50 seats divided over higher and lower tables. And they serve shared dining dishes. You’re not that into shared dining? At the bar you can also order oysters per piece accompanied with a good glass of wine of course!

Especially hanging at the bar should be quite the experience here. The bar, which goes from the front all the way to the back, is going to be the eye catcher of this place. Which not only lets you pick up your fish, but where you can also just drink your wine or having another bite of fish. Plus, one of the men behind Visbar Beet Amsterdam is also behind Café Vrijdag, Bar Baarsch and Weesper. Hanging at the bar must be fine then ;-)


Visbar Beet Amsterdam

Dapperstraat 26

Amsterdam (Amsterdam East)


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