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Vesper Bar amsterdam: for the best cocktails in Amsterdam around the Haarlemmerstraat

20 January 2013

Great cocktails in Amsterdam at Vesper Bar!

Lately I re-discovered going to cocktailbars in Amsterdam. Vesper bar Amsterdam is my favourite place for cocktails in Amsterdam in the district around the Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. Vesper is classy but not too high end, feels like a small cafébut then with better drinks! The crowd is a fun mix of expats, locals and tourists and the cocktails are delicious. The menu of Vesper bar Amsterdam is a plot of tastes, ranging from sweet to sour and from strong to mild with lots of cocktails with bitters on the menu. Start the night with a glass of cucumber water. Since I love cocktails with rum the bartenders created some great cocktails for us to try and test for you. If you like rum too try the Exceptionally old Fashioned or the Dark and Stormy. The Exceptionally old Fashioned is a classy rum cocktail served with some dark chocolate bitters on the side and a bit of orange peel. The Dark and Stormy and I go way back… this was my favourite cocktail on my trip to Zanzibar and shaken with dark rum, ginger beer, lime and sugar.  If you\’re up for something stronger try Vesper bar Amsterdam it\’s Vesper Martini. By far one of the strongest cocktails I ever had! The Vesper Martini was 007 his original drink before he switched to his shaken, not stirred Martini. Fun fact right? Now you know where Vesper bar is named after :-). They even have a small altar with pictures from the movie! Vesper bar Amsterdam is a very relaxed but trendy hotspot for cocktails in Amsterdam. This cocktailbar belongs in your Little Black Amsterdam Book for a great night out in Amsterdam around the Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk.


vesper-bar-amsterdam-cocktails-in-amsterdamVesper Bar Amsterdam:

Address: Vinkenstraat 57, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam centre, close to the Jordaan
Price level:  cocktails from € 9,50
Perfect for: a night out with friends or your love



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Anne de Buck