Vegabond vegam hotspot in Amsterdam

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Vegabond Amsterdam: vegan hotspot in the city center

15 April 2014

Vegabond Amsterdam: vegan food specialty store

Have you been to Vegabond in Amsterdam yet? This foodie specialty store at the Leliegracht is a great vegetarian and vegan hotspot. At Vegabond everything is organic and made fresh daily.

This vegan specialty store is located close to the Jordaan and offers food to stay or to go. Walk in for a healthy sandwich or shop some very special products there.

Vegabond vegam hotspot in Amsterdam
Tip: if you don’t feel like cooking get a meal of Linda McCartney that you only have to heat up at home ;-).

Vegabond Amsterdam

Address: Leliegracht 16, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam city center
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Anne de Buck

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