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Van de Buurt Amsterdam: a neighbourhood cafe in BoLo

19 August 2015

Local Products and a good time at Van de Buurt Amsterdam

Do you remember these old times, when smartphones and Facebook were not here to satisfy our social life? When you could spend your days in a café where everyone knew each other? I personally don’t… I guess I am too young. Hopefully, with the café Van de Buurt, located in Bos en Lommer, I can finally see what it looks like!

The concept goes beyond its name. Van de Buurt means the neighbourhood and the place offers many many sits wether it is inside or outside. A piano, some board games, a big screen for special sport events, everything is perfect for a good time with your dear neighbours. But they also offer a very local menu.

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I would say that Van de Buurt is pretty convenient for anything at anytime! A big cup of coffee on the terrace in the morning, a quick lunch with a college, a long board game inside with friends during the rainy Sundays or a nice family dinner in the evening. Relaxing, having fun, studying, everything works!

No Waste, Local products and creativity!

We love the originality of the menu at Van de Buurt! You will notice the smoked goose breast salad or the crayfish coming from the canals. The idea is to stop wasting these ingredients which are thrown away in high quantity every year! At Van de Buurt, you can be sure that everything that can be local ís local! Everyday, the chef goes to the grocery just behind the restaurant and adjust its menu to what’s available.

The bestseller? Their Buurtburger (neighbour burger)! An amazing burger with handmade calf and cow patty. Many people come every week to have it. They also try to recycle as much as they can. Check out the lamps made with empty pickle jars; it’s very nice !


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Van de Buurt

Gerard Callenburgstraat 1

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)


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