Valtifest 2016 Amsterdam: smoking hot party on September 3

5 June 2016

burning down the house with valtifest 2016 amsterdam!

June has started! And that means summer is coming. And where is summer, there is Valtifest. Because this crazy party has become the standard closing party of the summer. Did I say standard? Well, I meant the most delicious closing party. As every year it promises to be a real blast this year at Valtifest 2016 Amsterdam, at the NDSM-werf. Was the theme last year Wie Je Ook Tent now it’s time for the real fireworks. Because this years’ theme is: Valtifest 2016 in Amsterdam: On Fire! Let’s get intimate.

This means that Valtifest will do its utmost best to set you on fire. the line-up, the decorations, the theme and everything more is smoking hot. Like every year, Joost van Bellen will be present and you can also enjoy the fine tunes of Boris Werner, Team Oullie, Artful Dodger and of many more.

But of course Valtifest 2016 Amsterdam is not only known for her lavish line-up. But also the theme makes it an exuberance party. You just cannot go to Valtifest without a disguise. And this year the outfits are going to be hot, hotter and hottest. From fiery to flamboyany to Little Red Riding Hood, Hittepetit and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Just like any other year, you’re free to think outside the box of the theme. Just you beging on fire! Let’s get intimate. And that’s what I like about Valtifest: the free spirit from a festival times 10. Whether you go as a modest match or as a sexy charcoal, at 2016 Amsterdam Valtifest everyone’s on fire! Good to know for all gingers out there. You can go to the Ginger Bar for free drinks!

Valtifest 2016 Amsterdam

Where: NDSM warf
When: Saturday, September 3
Tickets: €44,50, available here
More info: check the website

Even though the festival is only in a few months, I’m going to start thinking now about my outfit. Do you already have some inspiration?

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