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After Amsterdam we now also share our favourites places in Utrecht with you! That has been on our wish-list for a while and what’s a better moment to do this than when the Tour de France is almost starting in Utrecht? At July 4th the Tour de France will start in Utrecht near the Dom Church.

For the Tour we created this Teisseire City Guide with the best hotspots we discovered in the city. Some of them with French flair (to get in the mood a little bit already) and other ones because the locations are too cool to not share. After days of walking through all those beautiful canals of Utrecht and through the hip streets such as Twijnstraat. Let’s be honest: we fell a little in love with Utrecht. Want to find even more hotspots in Utrecht? Click here for another Online Tour Guide!

>> Lunch & coffee >> Utrecht City Guide >>

De Keuken van KEEK
De Keuken van KEEK
At KEEK you can get home-baked treats with organic ingredients. Have a delicious breakfast (on weekdays they’re already open at 8.30) or lunch or you can simply just enjoy a piece of cake. If you really want to treat yourself something good, then go for the high tea with your girlfriends. It’s also a good place for take-out in Utrecht!
Oudegracht 362, Utrecht //
Daens Utrecht
Daen’s >> Utrecht City Guide >>
You could probably go to Daen’s and never leave again, because they almost have everything under one roof. In their beautiful concept store they have all kinds of things for sale for fashionable ladies and gents. Aside from their shop you could also have a good breakfast or lunch in the cafe. And if you really don’t feel like leaving yet: you could even stay for the night at their one-room-hotel called Roome One.
Korte Minbroederstraat 13-17, Utrecht //
Blackbirds Coffee & Vintage Utrecht
Blackbird Coffee & Vintage
We love it. Hybrid concepts where you can’t just shop, but also where you can have something to eat or drink. Concept store Merci in Paris was once one of the first concept stores. Luckily now we can go to hotspots like Blackbird Coffee & Vintage in Utrecht. A great location to start your day at with a cup of coffee! Oh yeah: everything there is for sale.
Oudegracht 222, Utrecht //
Josephine Utrecht
Josephine >> Utrecht City Guide >>
Whoever loves sweets is at the right place at Josephine. At this lovely lunchroom they have the most delicious cakes and other sweets, but also great sandwiches and coffee. Tip: if you’re having lunch here, then take an unsliced freshly baked sourdough bread or some amazing macarons with you to eat at home!
Twijnstraat 7, Utrecht //
Caffé P Utrecht
Caffé P >> Utrecht City Guide >>
Caffé P is a small cafe with a little bit bigger terrace where you can have some good food or some good drinks. It is located at the busy Mariaplaats, but once you’ve sat down at this cute lunch hotspot you’ll forget about the chaos around you. With the blue checkered tablecloths and the sun shining, you’d almost feel (close your eyes for it!) as if you’re at an Italian restaurant at a boulevard in the South of France.
Mariaplaats 44, Utrecht // Photo credit:
Crop Utrecht
Crop >> Utrecht City Guide >>
Crop is hip, pretty and local. They sell local products and even self-roasted coffee that you can try out in their stylish cafe but that you can also just buy and take home with you. Assemble your own salad to size so that nothing will be wasted.
Biltstraat 1, Utrecht //

>> Shopping >> Utrecht City Guide >>

Jut en Jul Utrecht
Jut & Jul Vintage
At Jut & Jul Vintage you can get the cutest vintage items and also new stuff. This hotspot has a shop-in-shop concept where starting businesses can rent a small space to sell their products. A lot of unique items, so perfect if you’re looking for a special present!
Telingstraat 11, Utrecht //
Mooi & Belle Utrecht
Mooi & Belle >> Utrecht City Guide >>
Mooi & Belle is the shop for homeware! Mooi and Belle, that’s how the owners are really called, go to Paris regularly to stock up on the coolest stuff for their shop. Let us warn you ahead, if you walk in here you will suddenly want to redecorate your whole house. Fun fact: at Mooi & Belle they also sell beautiful furniture that they restore and repaint themselves!
Twijnstraat 37, Utrecht //
Puha Utrecht
Clothing, accessories and other cute fashion items from new young designers; that’s exactly what you’ll find at Puha. At this fashion hotspot they mainly sell products of Dutch designers, but now and then also undiscovered international talent.
Voorstraat 48, Utrecht //
All The Luck In The World >> Utrecht City Guide >>
It is guaranteed that you’ll find a fun present for your friend (or for yourself!) at All the Luck in the World. In this great shop in Utrecht you have the cutest jewelries, but also a lot of beautiful homeware like candles and pillows. A lot of the products are handmade or vintage, so you don’t have to be afraid that there’ll be someone else with the same present.
Zadelstraat 15, Utrecht //

>> Restaurants >> Utrecht City Guide >>

Broei Utrecht
Broei is one of our personal favourites with a huge hipster factor. It opened not so long ago and there’s still a lot of development going on. The main focus is on food, but there’s a lot of going on at Broei. They organise workshops, live music and other projects that are an ongoing process. It’s also a great place for flex workers (and bloggers)!!
Oosterkade 24, Utrecht //
Brasserie Bresson Utrecht

Bresson >> Utrecht City Guide >>

Come to the French Brasserie Bresson for chic dining! The interior and the menu are of course inspired by the classic French brasserie. Perfect for if you really want to be spoiled with delicious food in a beautiful restaurant.
Oudegracht 214, Utrecht //
Meneer Smakers Utrecht
Meneer Smakers
Prefer something less fancy? Then you’re at the right place at Meneer Smakers! Here they bring burgers to the next level. That’s because they have gastronomic burgers on their menu with burger patties (from local free-range beef meat!) made with the hand and topped with fresh local ingredients. No added colour or taste additives, but just as good!
Hoek Twijnstraat 62 / Nobelstraat 143, Utrecht //
Zies Utrecht
Zies >> Utrecht City Guide >>
Always fun to have a few drinks at a wine bar before dinner. And then perhaps stay there just long enough that after having a couple plates of charcuterie you won’t even need to have dinner anymore. Zies is a lovely wine bar where you could also have a few bites aside from all the good wines you can have. All meals are shared dining, so they’re perfect to share with friends!
Twijnstraat 58, Utrecht //
Speck Bar & Grill Utrecht
Speck Bar & Grill
At hotspot Speck Bar & Grill you eat the most delicious Cote de Boeuf. Good to share with your lover after a day in Utrecht. With good weather you can enjoy sitting at their big terrace. But definitely take a look inside because the interior of this restaurant is really cool.
Ledig Erf 10, Utrecht //

>> Sleeping >> Utrecht City Guide >>

Mother Goose Utrecht
Mother Goose >> Utrecht City Guide >>
The best boutique hotel to stay the night in Utrecht is Mother Goose. Right next to the Dom Tower you can sleep right in the city center. The rooms are decorated in shades of the nature from white to brown and black. So pretty! The perfect location to creep under the blankets after spending a day in Utrecht.
Ganzenmarkt 26, Utrecht //

>> More hotspots >> Utrecht City Guide >>

Looking for more hotspots in Utrecht? Then check out this big online Tour de France guide with the best hotspots, handy map and a lot more French tips.

Have fun if you’re also going to Utrecht for the start of the Tour de France!

In collaboration with Teisseire.

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