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8 x undiscovered cities that are perfect for a trip with friends

30 May 2017


Nothing is more fun than going on adventure and surrendering yourself to a new city. Everyone knows the popular cities like London, New York and Paris. But there are still so many interesting undiscovered cities that we have not yet visited. We are getting so excited at the Yourlbb office when we talk about undiscovered cities that we want to discover right now.

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Get comfortable and sit back because in this article I share my favorite 8 x undiscovered cities that you have to visit!

8 x undiscovered cities you want to visit right now with friends

Córdoba: this undiscovered city in Argentina has a lot to offer. When you visit the city, you’ll notice that there is something beautiful on every corner of the street. Mosques, cathedrals and palaces all belong to the street of Córdoba. Ps: for the perfect sunset go to the 331 meter long bridge, Puente Romano. Here you will enjoy a spectacular view.

Undiscovered cities


Cádiz: in the western tip of Spain you will find the port city Cádiz, which is completely surrounded by water. The cathedral of this city is one of the largest churches and very impressive to visit because of the neoclassical elements. Also, Cádiz has several beautiful parks, beautiful beaches and museums full of Spanish history. The perfect balance between entertainment and rest if you ask me!

Gdansk: this Polish city is full of surprises. With a small and cosy center you find yourself in the middle of the daily activities. You will find magnificent old buildings and bright colors in the shopping malls and markets. Ps: don’t follow the path of the tourists but look for the nicest pubs and new restaurants that are often found in the old buildings.

Undiscovered cities


Pula: in western Croatia you can find the town Pula. With an impressive amphitheater similar to the Colosseum in Rome, this city has a lot to offer. There are several impressive buildings from the Roman times. Besides, you can enjoy the sun and the beach in Pula. The perfect combination!

Kotor: in this idyllic town in Montenegro you come to enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in the world. With a place on the Unesco World Heritage Site, it’s no surprise that this place is incredibly beautiful and has a lot to offer in terms of history and architecture. Nice: you can climb to Fort Giovanni through 1260 steps, from which you have a spectacular view of the bay and Kotor.

Genua: this undiscovered city in Italy is the perfect place to visit when looking for true authentic Italy. This rough harbor town is on the Rivièra and is also compared to a maze through the many small streets and piazzas. Genua is known for its pesto and is as many known as the birthplace of Columbus. Definitely worth a visit!

Undiscovered cities


Belgrado: I think this city is mostly known because of the Songfestival, but what does Belgrado have to offer more? A lot! This capital of Serbia is western oriented and has a welcoming population. Due to the rich history you will find many beautiful buildings in the center. Through the heavy nightlife, Belgrade is also called the swinging pearl of the Balkans!

Colombo: this commercial capital of Sri Lanka is often skipped, but is definitely worth a visit! The city is full of contrasts such as old temples and large office buildings. As you move towards the country you can enjoy the impressive nature, beautiful train rides and white beaches. I’m in!

What is your favorite undiscovered city?

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