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Tyneside Cinema Newcastle: go for dinner and catch a movie

3 September 2015

The hotspot for a rainy day is tyneside cinema newcastle

Do you also feel a bit lost when it rains on a city trip? On those rainy days there is only a few things you can do. Visit a musea, go shopping, go out for drinks or go to the movies. On a rainy day in Newcastle Tyneside Cinema is the place to go to!

Tyneside Cinema Newcastle

Tyneside Cinema Newcastle

Here you can eat (I recommend you to go for brunch!) and also go to the movies. The cinema is beautiful in complete art deco style. The cinema cafe is renovated and looks really nice. Tyneside Cinema is situated in the middle of the centre of Newcastle. I went there for a nice brunch, they do nice combo’s like a tasty soup with half a sandwich.

Tyneside Cinema Newcastle

Tyneside Cinema Newcastle


For Lindanieuws.nl I went with the DFDS Seaways ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle. You can check the video of my hotspot trip below. The good news is that you can book this trip with discount. You can book a mini-cruise to Newcastle with luxurious ferry and hotel with 50% discount. From € 99,- for € 49,- each person. So you can check all the hotspots from our Newcastle City Guide!

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Tyneside Cinema

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