Java Travel Guide


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Java Travel Tips

Are you going to travel to the beautiful island of Java in Indonesia? Then check out the travel tips from Yogjakarta to Malang. Discover how trendy the city of Yogjakarta is and visit all the highlights and learn about the rich history of the island.

The food in Java is amazing as well as the nature and many temples you find here. Watching the sun rise from the Borobudur temple or over Mount Bromo is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. And despite all the tourists the Prambanan temple is a beautiful place to wander around and learn about Budhism.  Who loves to combination of nature and culture will love Java. I recommend flying on Yakarta and make a little road trip on your way to Bali. Did you know Java is perfect to travel around by train? Discover all the best tips in this Java Travel Guide and watch the video!

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