Germany Travel Guide


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Germany Travel Tips

It may not be the first country that will pop into your mind when you are planning your trip. But think again. Germany has a lot of cool places and it’s a country you must have visited in your life!

Are you bored of the festivals in The Netherlands? The best ones as Melt, Fusion, and the intimate Nachtdigital festival all take place at our neighbors in Germany. Besides, the cities Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are very worth to visit!

Go to Berlin for its creative raw vibe, the place to be to dance until the sun rises in one of the many underground clubs. Do your shopping in the beautiful port city of new hipster city Hamburg, after which you can have drinks on the beautiful waterfront. A visit to Germany is not complete without having German beer, so try one in a traditional beer garden. You can find them anywhere. Or go all the way to the real Oktoberfest in Munich!

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