- Finland Lapland Travel Guide -


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- Why we love Finland Lapland -

In this Finnish Lapland Travel Guide you will find tips for an unforgettable trip to the Arctic Circle. I have been in Finnish Lapland for a few days and it was such a special experience! From Rovaniemi we first drove to Pyhä. There you can ski, but also undertake many other winter activities. After a few days in Pyhä we traveled on to Salla. This region is known for its silence and tranquility. Very special if sometimes the only thing you hear is the cracking of the snow.

A number of things to do for sure during a trip to Finland Lapland are: reindeer safari, trip with a dog sled, tour with a snowmobile, a walk with snowshoes and a visit to a traditional sauna. On the way back to the airport you can also stop at Santaclaus Village. Fun with kids or if you are a sucker for Christmas like me!

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