Travel Trends 2015

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5 travel trends for 2015!

31 December 2014

As a professional traveller I travel A LOT! Almost every week I wake up in a different city. And no… I never get bored of it! Travelling makes you richer. Beautiful memories that are yours forever. Special encounters with locals who become travel friends and many ‘first times’. Trying new things is one of my biggest hobbies! 

Remember your first time eating at a foodcart in Asia, swimming in a cage with sharks or shopping at Barneys in New York? It are those first time moments we often think back of.

With this blog about travel trends 2015 I hope to inspire you to try more new things in the new year!

1. Affordable luxury

One of my favourite trends is the trend of affordable luxury. Or as you might want to call it: budget design. Sleeping in the most beautiful and trendy hotels and hostels for budget prices, but with a very cool interior design. One of my favourite groups operating in this field is Generator Hostels. The lobbies, bars and restaurants of these affordable luxury hotspots are decorated super trendy. You want to live there! They often are located in upcoming neighbourhoods or on A-locations.

2. Like a local!

Nobody wants to end up doing tourist stuff anymore when travelling. Ok, of course you need to see the highlights of a city or country. It’s part of the trip! But when you’ve seen the Empire State Building once, it’s time to go local on your next trip to New York. Then it’s time to explore Bushwick and Williamsburg for the real local experience. We now want to book Airbnb if we’re in a city for a longer time. For dinner we book a table at someones home to dine with a local Chef via platforms like Eat With. It doesn’t get more local than this!

3. New Asia

Do you see this too? The first trip to Asia is 99% of the times to Thailand. And let’s be honest, Thailand is an amazing country. Love it there! But when you’ve been to Asia ones, you want to see more. Then it’s time to discover the less touristy and more adventurous countries like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam is super popular now. You also notice that by the huge amount of trendy Vietnamese eateries that pop-up in cities everywhere!


4. Food travel

In Dutch we have a saying which is translated l literally as “Love goes through the stomach”. And I think it’s so true! It’s not for nothing that the food and restaurant recommendations on Your Little Black Book are so popular. People love food. Food connects and food gives you a great experience trying new tastes and flavours when travelling. I also notice the growing popularity of food tours you can book on a city trip. Checking out food spots with a local. And not to forget about all the food markets that are so popular. Yes, great food makes great travels!

5. Money, money, money

Paying for small expenses with your mobile phone is in Africa one of the most common things to do. And I notice that paying mobile is gaining popularity in Europe too. A few weeks ago I was in Berlin in a super nice vintage store (The Good Store) trying on some pre-owned YSL shoes. Another girl was buying a very nice jacket of Acne Studios. And she payed for it like she checked-in for public transport. HUH? In a small store like that you can already pay without using your pin number? Strange that it’s only recently introduced in The Netherlands.

Nationale-Nederlanden is one of the pioneers in this field launching the first CreditCard with a NFC chip that makes it possible to pay without using your secret code for all expenses up to €25,-. Easy like that! Another advantage is that your newly bought gems are insured for 365 days (perfect for travellers!) and that this CreditCard is one of the cheapest ones in The Netherlands.

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I’m curious which of these Travel Trends for 2015 you’re going to explore for the first time.

Happy travelling!

In collaboration with Nationale-Nederlanden

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Anne de Buck