10 x indispensable travel beauty essentials for every destination

4 April 2017

these travel beauty essentials are needed for every destination!

Wheither you’re away for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks; you must never leave your daily beauty routine at home! Taking care of yourself is important, even when you’re traveling. You don’t have to bring your whole beauty collection, just the essentials are enough. These are my beauty favorites that are always joining me on my trips.

1. Day cream with spf

The skin of your face is very vulnerable, so be nice to it! Bring a moisturizer with a built-in spf. This moisturizer hydrates your skin and protects it from harmful UV radiation.

2. Cleanser

It’s important to properly cleanse your skin when you’re traveling. Your skin is exposed to different circumstances than it’s used to. So I always pack cleansing gel when I’m traveling. You can also get a travel sized package!

3. Breathing foundation

A thick layer of foundation is really a no go when you’re in country with a warm climate. A while ago, I discovered Lycogel. This amazing brand is for sale at the better derma-stores. This light foundation makes you feel like your skin is smooth and soft, without having to put on a thick layer.

4. Eyebrow kit

It’s all about the eyebrows! I personally love this eyebrow kit. When your brows look great, you don’t need any other make up ;-).

5. Highlighter

A full face of make up is a nothing really my thing when I’m traveling, but I will always bring my highlighter. Apply some highlighter on your cheeks for that natural glow we all love.

6. Mascara

I never leave without a little mascara on my eyes. Complete your look with some mascara and you’re good to go!

7. Nail polish

Before I travel I always get my nails done with gellac at Sense Beauty & Lifestyle in Amsterdam. However, I always bring nail polish to my trips, just to be sure. And how fun is it to change color during your holiday? The O.P.I nail polishes are my favorite. Also remember to bring nail polish remover!

8. Dry shampoo

Washing your hair everyday is not an option. With this dry shampoo, your hair will be soft and shiny again without even washing it. I love this dry shampoo from Toni & Guy.

9. Sunscreen

A good sunscreen should always be packed when you’re traveling. I always use this sunscreen from the brand Vision. Apply once and you’re protected for almost the whole day.

10. Facial mask

Be extra nice to your skin when you’re traveling. Pamper yourself with this hydrating facial mask after a long day on the beach!

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