This is how you write the best out-of-office reply for your next trip!

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Write an original out-of-office reply & win a trip to Croatia

Does something like out-of-office exists? I get about a hundred mails per day for Your Little Black Book. I prefer to answer them all by myself, but because I’m often abroad to make city guides and because it’s a lot of work to keep Your Little Black Book up-to-date, it’s sometimes hard to do so. That’s why I always have an out-of-office reply! Thanks to that, I can tell my relations what I’m doing. For me, it’s an extra channel to tell everyone what I’m doing according to Your Little Black Book or in which part of the world I am. You could say that I’m a pro in writing out-of-office (OOO) replies! That’s why I give you some tips & tricks so you can also write the perfect OOO for your next vacation. Are you inspired? Then leave your most original OOO and win an all-inclusive sailing trip for 4 persons including a captain and Chef to the beautiful Croatia!

This is how you write the perfect out-of-office reply

As an independent entrepreneur, I notice that I’m never not attainable. Totally because approximately 137.000 people can see exactly what I’m doing abroad through social media. You have the time to make a picture for Instagram but not to answer a mail. And no matter how beautiful those braggies look on Instagram, the fact is that I’m walking around from early in the morning until late in the evening to make a city guide. When I’m back at my hotel room at 22 pm, I’m often too tired to answer all those mails. I try to manage the expectation to be attainable 24/7 through my OOO! What does it contains?

‘Choose’ a date for your comeback
When I’m on a workation, I always try to make time to reply on the most important e-mails within 48 hours. All the other mails will be replied when I’m back home in Amsterdam. I always set up my out-of-office until +2 days after I’ve returned. That’s how I ‘buy’ myself some time to reply on my mails. Don’t forget to put a date in your out-of-office so you prevent people from stalking you for a reply.

Available or not? 
As an entrepreneur, I don’t mind my work relations send me a message through whatsapp if it’s important. But I don’t like it at all when people are calling me when I’m on the other side of the world to ask me if I want to attend an event in three weeks. And it’s totally annoying when the person says “I thought I saw you are in Hong Kong…” That’s why you have to mention in your OOO that you are or aren’t available if it’s urgent. Because, what isn’t important to you, when you’re laying in the sun with a cocktail in your hand, can be important to someone else. So be aware, if you put your phone number in your OOO, chances are you will be called or at least get a whatsapp message!

Make your OOO personal
Also when I worked at a company, I always put something personal in my out-of-office. For example that “I was enjoying some me-time on a sailboat in Croatia” or that “I was ticking Kaapstad of on my bucket list”. Maybe you’re going to climb a special mountain or getting your diving license. Tell them and let your colleagues get to know you in a different way.

Take your chance to tell more
Chances are you aren’t answering your mails until you’re totally rested and tanned behind your office-away-from-office. So give your recipient a suggestion what he or she can do in the meantime. When I have something new to share, I write it in my OOO. For example “Did you see that Your Little Black Book has a new logo?” or “YES, you can follow my travel adventures now ‘live’ on Snapchat”. Maybe you just created a new website or you made a cool video for your company? Share it in your OOO for extra attention!

Refer to your social media
As I mentioned in the paragraph above, if you’re, just like me, an influencer or just very busy on social media, chances are your relationships are following you on social media. That’s why I always tell them in my OOO that they can follow me during my absence. For example on Snapchat and Instagram! Of course you only have to do that if you like it that people can have a sneak peek in your personal life. Otherwise, it’s better to keep your accounts private. ;-)

My final out-of-office replies

In need for some inspiration to write an original OOO for your next vacation? And maybe to win that trip by leaving your most original out-of-office here? Here are some of mine OOO replies I’ve used in the recent past.

OOO for Glastonbury Festival
“YEAH! If you read this I’m partying at Glastonbury Festival :-). I will be off-the radar for business and get back to you after June 17.

Did you see our new website design yet? Check it out on and let me know what you think!

And make sure to follow @YOURLBB on Snapchat and Instagram for some #glasto2016 updates!”

OOO for Tokyo
Kon’nichiwa! I’m on a workation in Tokyo at the moment :-). But since I’m probably on the road from ten to ten I have limited access to my email. Will get back to you to tell you all about this amazing city after May 20.

Pssst… did you hear I wrote two books the past six months? Coming soon, but you can already read all about them here!

And for those of you who like sushi just as much as I do check out @YOURLBB on Snapchat and Instagram for some Japanese foodporn.

OOO for Seoul
If you watched some of my videos on YOURLBB.TV you know how much I like Korean food! The coming days I’m eating my way around Seoul. Beef bulgogi and Korean BBQ galore! I will be back on May 25 with some crazy Korean stories to tell.

Curious why we love Korean food? Read all about it on here.

And make sure to follow my adventure via @YOURLBB on Snapchat and Instagram!

What are you going to write in your out-of-office reply? I’m so curious! And if you don’t have any holiday plans yet… Then leave your most original OOO and win an all-inclusive sailing trip for 4 persons including a captain and Chef to the beautiful Croatia!

Happy holidays!

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