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This is happening Amsterdam: hair salon and clothing store

10 November 2015

Go to This is happening Amsterdam for a style upgrade!

Do you sometimes have no idea what to do with your hair or your outfit of the day? The stylists at This is happening can help you with that. When you come there for your appointment, they’ll first discuss all your wishes before they start cutting your hair. After cutting, the hairstylist will make sure to teach you how to style your hair exactly the same way they would do it. There’s even an option to record the instructions when the hairstylist is doing it, so that you can go home and watch it all again at your own pace. This way you’re sure you’ll come out with a good haircut!



Your style upgrade is obviously only complete with a brand new outfit and thus you can for sure get one at This is happening. Shirtstrousersaccessories and gadgets; there is truly a bit of everything at This is happening that will bring your style to the next level.


This is happening Amsterdam

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 40, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: HaarlemmerbuurtAmsterdam city center

This Is Happening

Haarlemmerdijk 40

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)
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