These 7 cookbooks will save your Valentine’s dinner!

6 February 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again; Valentine’s Day! Don’t have enough money on your bank account for a romantic trip to Paris or don’t want to eat at your favorite restaurant again? Find yourself a kitchen apron and let’s get cooking! But do you get extremely nervous when you see a stove and are you no Martha Stewart in heart and soul? These cookbooks will rescue your dinner!



Love of the man is through his stomach. And men like meat! They don’t want a small piece of fish on a bed of vegetables, sprinkled with some Parmesan cheese and pinenuts… This cookbook will not only save your Valentine’s dinner, but will be great to give as a present as well.

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The New Easy

Tasty doesn’t have to be difficult! Australian kitchen goddess proves us that delicious dishes can be easy to make. Her motto is ‘fast, fresh and simple’, sound like a recipe for success, right?

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fifty shades of chicken

Does your love like chicken? Well then, this cookbook will make him very happy! And how cool is the title?

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A cookbook specifically for men, with recipes from several top chefs and carefully compiled by the British men’s magazine GQ. There must be a recipe in this book that your boyfriend will like, or either he might not be a real man…

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Tapas 2.0

Who doesn’t love a long dinner? Different appetizers, delicious sauces to dip in and some great wine. Tapas is great for that and most recipes are not difficult to make. Enjoy!

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Every man loves a great steak. This cookbook explains you how to prepare and bake the meat for the perfect steak. Whether he wants his steak rare, medium or well-done, you’ve got this girl!

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All-day Breakfast

Is cooking dinner too much work for you? Go for breakfast! These amazing breakfast recipes are also a great excuse to stay in bed all day with your boyfriend.

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