Vesper Cafe Kathmandu


The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant Kathmandu: Italian restaurant & winebar

28 August 2014

Pizza and wine at The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant

The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant is a nice hotspot, just outside of Kathmandu. In Jhamsikhel, thé place expats, you can have lunch or dinner at The Vesper Cafe. They also have a large terrace here where you can completely unwind: away from al the noise of the city. And and they same time you can get a bit of a tan!

Sit in one of the rattan chairs, let the sun shine on your head and order a delicious wrap for lunch! The pizza’s are very good as well, so I’ve heard. But The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant Kathmandu is also a nice place to have a drinks in the evening. When all the lights turn on when it gets dark outside, there’s a really Mediterranean atmosphere here! Just realize that the prices for alcohol in Nepal are very high; a wine costs 6 euros here. A standard wine. However it tastes delicious. And off course it does. You are with reason at a wine bar ;-)

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The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant Kathamndu

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The Vesper Cafe & Restaurant Kathmandu

Jhamsikhel Road

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