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The Seafood Shop Amsterdam: for fresh fish in the Leidsestraat

20 November 2017

eating herring at the seafood shop amsterdam in the heart of the city center

Lobster, oysters, fried cod with fries, herring, those who can’t get enough of fish and seafood will be very pleased with the following news. The Seafood Bar, probably your go to place for all your fish cravings, opened a new place. And not just a regular one! On the Leidsestraat we can find The Seafood Shop Amsterdam. Yep, a ‘shop’ where you can buy your favourite fish and shrimp to prepare at home and where you can get a fresh fish sandwich and fish & chips for take-away.

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The assortment consists of six categories: fresh fish, smoked fish, fried fish, take-away meals, sandwiches and preserved fish. Especially the last one is inspired by the ‘preserves’ that are a big thing in France, Italy and Spain; stores that are fully committed to the world of canned fish.

The Seafood Bar currently has three restaurants, at Spui, Van Baerlestraat and in the Ferdinand Bolstraat. Now there will be another A-location and we are very happy about that. Because, honestly, where can you grab a decent bite to go in the Leidsestraat? The family business wanted to return to their roots. They started years ago as fish farmers with a fish shop in the beautiful Helmond in Brabant. Nice!

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Photocredits: The Seafood Bar

The Seafood Shop

Leidsestraat 61

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)


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