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The Museum at FIT, New York: for all you fashionistas out there

8 November 2013
Photo credit: The Museum at FIT

The Museum at FIT in New York: perfect if you need a short break between shopping and shopping ;)

New York has a lot of fun and interesting museums to visit. But if you’re into fashion, you absolutely have to go to The Museum at FIT (Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology). It’s free! And definitely very informative and you’ll see some beautiful couture creations. I’m far from what they call a fashion victim, but even I really liked both exhibitions RetroSpective and A Queer History of Fashion.

In a nutshell: Corsets, hourglass shapes and the s-curve (= boobs!).
Bustles (= butt!). Stuffed birds for hats. Gigot sleeves. Crinolines. Petticoats. Grunge.
Haven’t we seen it all yet in fashion? Most of it. Makes me think about what will we be seeing next…
This exhibition runs through November 16 2013.
For more info see the website, for the online exhibit click here.

A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk
Some highlights: a red patent costume worn by RuPaul. Lumberjacks, men corsets, Galliano ensembles. The Andy Warhol outfit (striped matelot t-shirt, jeans, black leather jacket). The leather dress by Azzedine Alaïa was amazing.
And do you remember Jenny Shimizu? You know, once the lover of Angelina Jolie and known for the Calvin Klein campaigns? You’ll definitely recognize her style, even I did (or have I been reading too many gossip magazines?).
Of course icon of gay fashion Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion outfits (skirts for men, sailor style) cannot be missed here. Also cool, they two wedding dresses and suits worn by the lesbian couple Alexis and Kim Stolz (Kim was in America’s Next Top Model).
A Queer History of Fashion

Love the text on a t-shirt made by Kenneth Cole: “Equality. Get married to the idea”.
Marlene Dietrich was once described as the “best dressed man in Hollywood”. Her tuxedo look inspired Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking (tuxedo suit). Also: the Chanel suit. Homosexuality was very common in the milieu of Coco Chanel and many people believed that she had a love affair with her closest female friend.
You’ll see ensembles from several decades. A big turning point was the aids crisis. Many designers in the fashion industry worked for HIV prevention, treatment and care.

The “gay music” playing on the background makes it complete. “You better WOOORK (super model!) Sashay, Shante!”. There. I hope it’s in your head now as well…
You can see this exhibition until January 4 2014.
For more info see the website, for photos see Flickr, or have a look at the Facebook page of this exhibit.
The Museum at FIT

Probably this is also a pretty cool upcoming exhibit: Trend-ology. Runs from December 3 until April 30, 2014. This one is all about which trends we’ve seen over last years. Like urban street style, art, music, film, and socio-political movements.

The Museum at FIT

Address: 7th av at 27th st
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Price level: Free!
Perfect for: If you have an hour to kill, fashionistas.

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