The Coppinger Row Dublin: foodie proof restaurant hotspot!

18 October 2013

Go to The Coppinger Row Dublin for delicious food and G&T’s

I’m so happy that i discovered the cosy gastropub The Coppinger Row Dublin. It’s located in the heart of the Temple Bar district with many other bars in the direct area. Ever since my love and I went to the Tunes Bar I’m addicted to G&T’s (Gin and Tonics)! Well, Dublin is the perfect place to go for G&T’s :-). At The Coppinger Row Dublin they have many choices. Try the G&T with Hendricks, cucumber and rose leafs. It’s soft and very good! The interior of The Coppinger Row Dublin is very cosy with cognac leather couches, vintage school chairs, industrial lamps and tiled walls. As you all know I can’t get enough of places that look like this ;-). The crowd at The Coppinger Row Dublin is mixed (30 somethings couples, friends or parents with adult kids) and that gives this place the good cosy vibe.

The menu at The Coppinger Row Dublin

At The Coppinger Row Dublin you find a mix of Mediterranean style and local dishes. The style is artisanal and pure. And if possible local produce is used. Don’t forget to check the specials! If you’re lucky it has great seafood options like crab claws on there. I had so much heavy food (pork!) on my trip that I decided to go almost completely veggie at The Coppinger Row Dublin. As a starter I had the grilled tomatoes with mozzarella and salsa verde. Very nice! And since I’m a tuna lover I went for the salad with the seared yellow Fin. Which was listed as a nicoise salad and turned out to be 50% ceaser and 50% nicioise. So made with a twist!



The Coppinger Row Dublin does not take reservations under 6 people, it’s first comes first served.

The Coppinger Row Dublin

Address: 1 Sráid Liam Theas, Dublin
Neighbourhood: close to SouthWilliam Street Dublin
Price level: moderate
Perfect for: dinner and drinks on a city trip to Dublin

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