The Butcher Nine Streets: delicious burgers now also in centre

meat feast in the city centre at the butcher nine streets

Not that long ago we already wrote about The Butcher Social Club, the new location of The Butcher in A’dam Toren. And now we can announce yet another new spot of the col butcher. Because in the city centre of Amsterdam The Butcher Nine Streets waiting for you!

This new location is landed on the corner of the Paleisstraat and the Spuisstraat. So just only footsteps away from The Duchess and W, cool! This makes a night out in the city centre a little bit easier. Because also this location has the best burgers of The Butcher for you, just the way we’re used to ;-)

In contrast to their location in A’dam Toren, The Butcher Nine Streets won’t be open 24 hours a day. But on Friday and Saturday they’re open till 03.00 hours, so they’re the perfect spot for our midnight snack!

Check their Facebook-page of the Butcher to keep up to date!

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