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The Breakfast Club Amsterdam South: for all day breakfast on the Zuidas

4 October 2017

Brunch on the zuidas at The Breakfast Club Amsterdam South

The Zuidas in Amsterdam South has become one of the more popular areas of Amsterdam during the last few months. Hotspot after hotspot is opening its doors and today we’re adding another one to the already long list with spots on the Zuidas. Drum roll… The Breakfast Club arrived to the Zuidas. Oh yeah! It’s the fourth location of The Breakfast Club Amsterdam South. Where we can find the other locations? On the Wibautstraat, Haarlemmerplein and Bellamystraat.

The Breakfast Club Amsterdam South is open from 8 AM for a cup of coffee, a healthy smoothie and of course for the famous pancakes as well, till 6 PM.

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The Breakfast Club

Gustav Mahlerlaan 114



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