The Avocado Show Amsterdam: at this new hotspot it’s all about avocado

The Avocado Show in Amsterdam is now open for you

The Avocado Show in Amsterdam is a fact! It’s the first restaurant in The Netherlands where it’s all about avocado. Can you imagine? Chef-kok Jaimie van Heije, who also designs the menu at restaurant Moon and has his own restaurant in Ouderkerk, opened the new spot together with Julian Zaal and Ron Simpson. At The Avocado Show in Amsterdam all avocado lovers can eat their heart out ;-). When I scroll through my Instagram wall the avocado photos of my former co-worker Colette Dike who’s the founder of Food Deco make my mouth water. She got famous with her avocado creations and even wrote a book about it! Ever since I ate avocado toast for the first time almost 10 years ago in New York I’m hooked on this green delight. It’s still one of my favourite brunch dishes. This love for avocado is shared by the guys who opened The Avocado Show in Amsterdam. 

avocado show
Avocado Show

The Avocado Show in Amsterdam is even better than we hoped it would be. On Instagram we already spotted some photos of the first dishes and they look WOW just amazing. Crazy how busy the first weekend was! So when you go there, make sure not to to during the peak hours. The avocado dishes are very Instagram proof and we just love the interior design with all the green walls, pink velvet couches and wooden tables. When we get back from our travels this spot is the first one to visit for lunch! The address of The Avocado Show is Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 in De Pijp in Amsterdam. Have fun!

avocado show
Avocado Show



Photo credit: the pretty avo burger is from Food Deco

and the header photo by @Floortjeloves via The Avocado Show 

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