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31 x take out in Amsterdam: perfect when you don’t feel like cooking

2 June 2016

Take out’s, caterers and deli’s in Amsterdam? We found them!

Although I love to cook, I also often have these days I don’t have the time, don’t feel like it or feel uninspired to create a good meal. Guess we all know that feeling ;-) Luckily there are many take outs, caterers and deli’s in Amsterdam to pick up some delicious (and healthy) food. I’ve tried many and would love to share these spots with you. Read our blog about take outs hotspots in Amsterdam! And if you miss a spot in our list, don’t hesitate to let us know! 

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Dis AmsterdamPhotocredits: facebook.com/disdinnershop


New in Amsterdam: DIS! A deli at the Haarlemmerbuurt. Here they have simple, healthy dishes made with local and seasonal products. Good to know: if you do not eat carbs you’ll get extra vegetables or a side salad for the same price!
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Stach | take out in Amsterdam

One of our favorite deli shops in Amsterdam is Stach! Whether you want to buy fresh bread, sausage and chees, soup or complete meals. At Stach it’s all organic and delicious! So you can imagine we are very happy they already have 5 stores in Amsterdam.
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Dophert | take out in Amsterdam

A vegan food hotspot in the Spaandammerbuurt where you take your food home! At Dophert they have breakfast or lunch to go and most dishes are under € 10,-! Perfect if you want a healthy meal and spend to much money.
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Meneer en Mevrouw Keus Amsterdam

Meneer en Mevrouw Keus | take out in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam West you should go to Meneer en Mevrouw Keus! This caterer makes delicious salads and sandwiches, soups, burgers and lamb skewers for example. And pretty much everything here is organic.
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Saffraan | take out in Amsterdam

This deli makes the best Mediterranean cuisine in the Helmersbuurt! Then check their dish of the day or go for one of the other delicious dishes on the menu of Saffraan.
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 128, Helmersbuurt, saffraantraiteur.nl

Bilder & De Clercq Amsterdam

Bilder & de Clercq | take out in Amsterdam

Choose a recipe from one of the 14 dishes at Bilder & de Clercq and buy only what you need! An ounce here, a spoon there. So you never waste your food and you don’t have to figure out the ingredients by your self. Easy and delicious!
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Feel Food | take out in Amsterdam

Feel Food is all about organic meals. Try the quinoa burger. So good! Perfect to combine with organic fries. And don’t feel like leaving the house? Here you can also order in!
Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, Amsterdam West, feel-food.nl

Sla | take out in Amsterdam

Go to Sla for an extra healthy meal! And now at no less than five locations in Amsterdam. Pick a salad from their menu of create your own with plenty of vegetables, seeds and other healthy ingredients.
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Holy Ravioli Amsterdam

Holy Ravioli | take out in Amsterdam

For fresh ravioli you should be in West! At Holy Ravioli they sell homemade ravioli, with varying filling. Depending to the season and so every time a surprise! But there are also daily changing pasta to go on the menu.
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Soup En zo | take out in Amsterdam

Soups, salads and sandwiches are prepared daily here. Seven days a week, there are at least eight different soups on the menu of Soup en Zo. And who doesn’t like soup once in a while!
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54 // Jodenbreestraat 94 // van Baerlestraat 81, soupenzo.nl

Peperwortel | take out in Amsterdam

What you can pick up here is an every day surprise. Mediterranean, Asian, and Arabic cuisine or for example traditional Dutch food. But every day equally tasteful. Tip: you can also go to Peperwortel for lunch! They have delicious sandwiches.
Overtoom 140, Amsterdam West, peperwortel.nl

Salad & the City Amsterdam


Have you already been to Salad and the City at the Bilderdijkstraat? A salad bar with healthy and special salads. Here you’ll find surprising combinations of ingredients and trust me: I’ve tried them all and they’re all equally tasteful.
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De Foodhallen | take out in Amsterdam

It’s always busy at the Foodhallen and sometimes it’s difficult to find a place to sit. But hey, the Foodhallen is actually one big take out! Hamburgs, croquettes, smoothies and waffles. Take home all you like.
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Foodware | take out in Amsterdam

The place for good food! Freshly made and without the addition of artificial substances. Select one main dish and two side dishes at Foodware. With the choice of either fish, meat and vegetarian meals.
Westerstraat 116, Amsterdam West, foodware.nl


Voldaan | take out in Amsterdam

Soup, balls and delicious salads! At Voldaan everything is homemade and that’s something you can taste. And nice to know: your food is packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging!
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Friterie Par Hasard | take out in Amsterdam

Although I did not intend to suggest a place to eat fries, Par Hasard has to be on the take out list. Homemade fries and sauces, but also organic “frikandel” and mussels. Perfect for a snack to go!
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Frenzi Cucina | take out in Amsterdam

Mediterranean cuisine at Frenzi Cucina on the Overtoom. Think of all kinds of grilled vegetables, meat, fish, brunchten, salads and pastas.
Overtoom 459, Amsterdam West, frenzi-cucina.nl

Hartje Bos Amsterdam


At eat shop Hartje Bos in the Bos and Lommer neighbourhood, you can order several day meals or dishes from the weekly changing menu. Everything here is made with local ingredients.
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Beter & Leuk | take out in Amsterdam

Our favorite lunch spot Beter & Leuk in Amsterdam East is now also a take out! Everything here is organic, vegan and gluten free! With dishes for breakfast and lunch.
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De Vegetarische Traiteur | take out in Amsterdam

From vegan meatballs, sausage rolls, croquettes and meatballs to delicious vegetarian salads. Expect honest, pure products at The Vegetarische Traiteur from breakfast to supper. Located in the city center of Amsterdam.
Rozengracht 217, Jordaan, vegetarischetraiteur.nl

Mastino Amsterdam


Sometimes you can crave for some pizza. A good pizza spot in De Pijp is Mastino. With pizza sandwiches for lunch and ‘normal’ pizza for dinner. Check all the different kinds of pizza’s with unusual combinations of ingredients.
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This Spanish deli at De Pijp is gonna be your favourite place to go if you love Spanish hams and wines. Ower of Pacomer, Paco, also knows how to cook, so make sure to pick up some fresh tapas, soups and other Spanish dishes.
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Pomorosso | take out in Amsterdam

Another nice pizza spot: Pomorosso at the Amstelveenseweg. With delicious, thick topped pizzas made by bakers from Naples. But also with delicious pastas and salads to take home.
Amstelveenseweg 41, Amsterdam Zuid, pomorosso.nl

pluk-amsterdam-photocredits-jasperdewaalPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal


Must visit in de Nine Streets: Pluk! Here it’s all about healthy food: healthy sandwiches, salads, juices and coffee. Everything can be ordered to go. And did you know they also sell super cute lifestyle and interieur items?
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Instock works with a no waste concept. This means they make meals using products from the supermarket that would otherwise not end up at your place. And with Instock Toko they implement the food waste concept at ready-to-eat-meals. With each day original, delicious and healthy meals.
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De Turk is a trendy place for coffee and lunch but also the place to buy Turkish delicacies to take home.
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Steves Stove


Steve’s Stove has no less than three establishments in Amsterdam. And we can say that this makes us more than happy. At Steve’s Stove you get some very delicious take-out meals that are cooked slowly. That way, the flavours speak even more. The result are some pretty impressing stoves! From a classic boeuf bourguignon to a vegetarian curry.
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Chefs & Co | take out in Amsterdam

Get here for hot and cold dishes of international cuisine. Tapas and other finger food to eat at home. And plans to go to the park? Order the Chefs & Co picnic basket filled with goodies from the store!
Scheldeplein 20, Rivierenbuurt, chefs-co.nl

poke perfect | take out amsterdam

A Hawaiiaan spot for Hawaiian dishes, that’s what Poke Perfect is. Here you get the classic poke bowl: a bowl with quinoa or rice with fresh raw fish and vegetables. Healthy, delicious and for take out!
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gout deli | take out amsterdam

New in De Pijp area: Gout Deli Amsterdam! Here you go for your super healthy take-away breakfast, smoothies, juices, lunch, snacks and dinner. With all the good stuff of high quality, it cannot go wrong here!
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Ciao Bella is an Italian deli at the Canal District. The friendly owner is a real Italian and prepares the best dishes. You can choose from classic (homemade) Italian meals.
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If there’s something I can eat single day, it’s sushi. Get (or order;-)) sushi at Sugoi Sushi, my favorite sushi take out in Amsterdam. Must try? The dragon roll: uramaki with a filling of fried shrimp, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise.
Willemsstraat 95, Jordaan, sugoi-sushi.nl

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