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Taste the new menu at Taiko Amsterdam: 12 courses with Red King Crab

27 September 2017

Chef Schilo chose Red King Crab as the new ingredient of the year

Restaurant Taiko Amsterdam celebrates its anniversary with a new ingredient of the year ánd a new menu that fully features this special product. This year will be all about the Red King Crab, something that foodies like me will get very enthusiastic about. To select the best crabs, Chef Schilo traveled from Coevorden to Hammerfest, located North of Norway. There he went on a fishing boat where a experienced ‘Deadliest Catch’ moments.

The result of this adventure can now be tasted in a 12 course menu that costs € 115,- and can be ordered until September 18 2018. For this Red King Crab menu, crabs are flown in from Hammerfest to Amsterdam and kept in tanks at fish shop Jan van As until they are daily brought to the Conservatorium Hotel. The Red King Crab that you’ll get served at Taiko Amsterdam is very fresh. And did you know that such a crab can weigh over ten kilos and can have a span of two meters?

Red King Crab menu x Taiko Amsterdam

We were fortunate to celebrate the birthday of Taiko Amsterdam with this ingredient of the year and to taste this delicious (trust us, it is!) menu. Below is a photo impression of the new menu that is recommended if you have something special to celebrate and feel like having a extensive dinner. Our favourite dishes? The cappuccino with king crab, peanut and young coconut, the iced king crab curry and the surf ‘n turf with calf cheek and BBQ king crab legs.

Taiko Amsterdam

Taiko Amsterdam

Taiko Amsterdam

Taiko Amsterdam gyoza

Taiko Amsterdam nigiri

Taiko Amsterdam

King Crab curry

Taiko Amsterdam King Crab nigiri

Taiko Amsterdam King Crab surf & turf

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