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21 December 2012

Coming up this week: The Switzerland Diaries.

Ever since I can remember I go snow-skiing in Switzerland at least once a year. And at least 25 years in the same small provincial town in Wallis: Fiësch. I know the pistes better than google maps! And I must confess, I’m a good skier :-). But the thing I love most about winter sport is that it’s a real family affair. Celebrating Christmas in Switzerland is like a fairytale! I love snuggling up at the chalet, drinking wine and eating Swiss cheese and charcuterie. Playing board games, reading magazines and (almost) no internet for a whole week. So that’s why I made The Switzerland Diaries for you  the upcoming nine days! Being a real Switzerland and snow-skiing pro (LOL), I tell you all about the best food, fashion and products essential for a snowy holiday.

PS: You can check out my winter sport area at this webcam. I’ll waive to you with a beer in my hand from the wigwam bar ;-).

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