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16 May 2015

So nice! I already had my first sunny-mini-work-holiday of this spring on Aruba. Now  the count down until Bali has started :-). When I was younger I could be in the sun tanning for hours without even using sunscreen. Can’t imagine doing that anymore! The last decade I use Factor 30 or higher when enjoying the sun and warm weather. You still get a nice tan from that. It just takes a little bit longer ;-).

When I was chilling at my poolbed at the cool Boardwalk Small Hotel in Aruba I got company from this cute green lizard. Pretty right?

Years ago my friend Emily and I went on a holiday to Cuba where she introduced me to Vision. We both have freckles and get red and burned pretty easy. Usually I would need to put on lotion at least every hour. The good thing about Vision is that you only have to put the lotion on once or twice a day depending on your skin type. Vision protects from the inside and protects longer. That’s why I like to use it on my sunny travels!

This lotion is also perfect for summer festivals in Holland since it works all day. That way you don’t have to bring a tube of sunscreen in your purse :-).

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Happy summer!

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