cool leggings from pins to kill


Stuff crush: cool leggings from Pins to Kill

21 March 2016

It’s on top of the list in the fashion bible for dummies; leggings are not pants! But who says that leggings are by definition ugly, is definetly wrong! Linda Vydra, Founder of Pins to Kill, shows us that leggings can be fashionable with her super cool custom made leggings.

Let’s get inspired!

Linda lives in Melbourne, an amazing city full of inspiration. Inspiring each other, that is just what she wants to achieve with her label Pins to Kill. You can design your leggings by uploading a design or customizing a template. These leggings from Pins to Kill don’t only look great during your daily work-out, they also look good while partying at a festival, with a crop top or loose shirt.

You can also choose an excisting design. You will absolutely get noticed with leggings with these graphical prints, like pineapples, tropical leaves and minimalistic hexagons. Enough prints to choose from! Let’s get inspired!

Click here to visit the website of Pins to Kill!

Pins to Kill custom leggingPins to Kill custom legging Pins to Kill custom legging

Photocredits – Aaron Rajamoney (header), Loren James


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