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Stay-in Weekend Guide: tips for staying at home (in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands)

20 March 2020

Last week it was still only a scenario. Now it is our reality. We’re staying at home. We stay inside (as much as possible). An imposed Stay-in-Cation that will probably take a while. And it can change every day, how much freedom of movement there is for us and the entrepreneurs around us. The impact for me as an entrepreneur is enormous and immediately noticeable. There are no new campaigns that pay the salaries of the freelancers I work hard with to make Your Little Black Book available to you for free. But we will get through this, with you as loyal followers. We’re not traveling, there are no events to attend, no time-consuming meetings, and no trial dinners for new hotspots to open. That’s why I have a lot of time to support my Local Heroes and tell you about all the great initiatives that are popping up in Amsterdam. In addition, we work hard every day to share fun (and also light-hearted) tips and lists with you to make the [category cat = “66812” text = “HOME”] cozy. Follow @YOURLBB on Instagram and Instagram Stories (there is a special Stay-in-cation highlight) where I share a lot of tips every day. We support the entrepreneurs and initiatives in Amsterdam, do you support Your Little Black Book? By liking a little more often (you now have time), sharing the messages on your own Instagram Stories or Facebook and especially sending them to your friends and acquaintances who can benefit from them. After making the Amsterdam Weekend Guides for eight years, I made a Stay-in Guide for you this week full of tips to make it cozy at home, but also to ‘play restaurant’ at home and, for example, to collect food or have it delivered by your favourite restaurant where you normally sit down for an extensive dinner. And I would like to ask you to take a look at the special Stay-in-Cation page on Your Little Black Book where you can find all the tips together (and where new tips are added daily). Why a shorter guide? When you’re reading this, I’m in the middle of a move. After 7 months of work, we are now moving our lives back to [category cat = “5682” text = “Amsterdam”]. And we’re doing this as quick as we can. Rather stuck in a mess a few days in, than get stuck later in Amstelveen during a possible lockdown. These are very tough weeks for everyone, so let’s support each other as much as possible. Do you have a tip from a restaurant or an entrepreneur who’s doing something special during these Corona times. Got a request for an article that you would like to read? Let us know via the TIP THE EDITORS button below. Take care, stay safe! Will I see you on Instagram Stories this weekend? <3 Anne

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tips for staying at home (in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands)

➊ A great initiative from my friend Sten and his colleagues. Moak Pancakes will give FREE pancakes and healthy juices to all healthcare workers on Saturday March 21 and Sunday March 22. Show your care badge between 7 and 12 and pick it up at the Moak Pancakes location at Ferdinand Bolstraat 11.


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{ Sharing is caring } Onze vrienden van @moakpancakes hebben zaterdag 21 en zondag 22 maart GRATIS pancakes & juice voor alle Amsterdamse ZORGHELDEN. Afhalen tussen 07.00 en 21.00 uur bij MOAK Pancakes op de Ferdinand Bolstraat 11H. Ken jij iemand die in de zorg werkt? Tag die persoon in de comments op deze post. Delen op je stories = lief! Hoe meer mensen helpen deze actie van MOAK Pancakes te verspreiden hoe beter <3. PS: vergeet niet je zorgbadge mee te nemen! ______________________________________ #zorghelden @amsterdam_umc @olvgamsterdam @bovenij #amsterdam #yourlbb #covid19NL #amsterdamcityguide #yourlbbamsterdam #AmsterdamCity #BestofAmsterdam #Iamsterdam #VisitAmsterdam #AmsterdamCanals #Amsterdamlife #MokumMagazine #igamsterdam #thenetherlands #amsterdamgram #Amsterdamguide #Livinginamsterdam #geefmijmaaramsterdam #Amsterdamviews #Amsterdamtrip #Amsterdamlife #loveamsterdam #amsterdamstreets #Amsterdamworld #mijnmokum

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➋ Support your favourite restaurant in Amsterdam this weekend by checking their social media channels to see if they have set up a special promotion to keep their heads above water. Maybe they sell gift cards that you can spend when they open again later. Or even better: there is a good chance that they will do take-away or home delivery. Check the platforms, Uber Eats or Deliveroo to see the deals in your area. Play (fine dining) restaurant at home this weekend, set the table up nicely and order from one of these local heroes:

RIJKS : proud of these champs, that set up a delivery service in no time and paved the way for many other restaurants. Love you! Check this Instagram post for all info >>

Jacobsz: Jacobsz to GO is now open. Send a message with your first and last name to the number 0642454677 to get the menu and order info sent to your What’sapp. Check this Instagram post for all info >>

Rijsel: maybe this is your chance to eat the delicious dishes of Rijsel more often in the coming weeks, because in ‘normal’ times they are always full. From the Breton fish soup to the chicken via Deliveroo! Check this Instagram post for all info >>

Sjefietshe: a delicious and quite extensive take-away and delivery menu with the best classics from the menu. Check this Instagram post for all info >>

De Scheepskameel: from now on also a delivery camel via Deliveroo. Check this Instagram post for all info >>

C. Amsterdam: 3-course take-away or delivery for € 26,40. Check this Instagram post for all info >>

Ron Gastrobars: all Ron Gastrobars are doing Takeaway and deliver at home via Deliveroo. Check this Instagram post for all info >>

➌ This weekend I am moving back to Amsterdam East and to support my catering friends nearby, I have already made this list of restaurants, lunch and coffee shops in Amsterdam East that are open for takeaway or home delivery. Check here for all tips in Amsterdam Oost >>

➍ Want to support local entrepreneurs in your area? I made a list with 10 tips for how to do this >>

➎ Do you also get quite frustrated when you walk into the supermarket nowadays? Maybe because of the empty shelves, probably because people don’t comply with the 1.5 meter rule at all and even more because there are sniffing and coughing people walking around. Skip the supermarket and buy less, but better, for example at the specialty shops that are open all around you. Or order a Support Your Locals grocery package for € 45, – packed with artisan products that would normally only end up in the kitchens of the top catering establishments. Read all about the Support Your Locals grocery pack and how to order it >> is another great initiative by Ron Blaauw (Ron Blaauw Gastrobar, Indonesia, Oriental) and Eugène van Angelbeek and Arjen Kräwinkel (from restaurants De Jonge Dikkert and De Veranda) to support our heroes and hard workers in vital jobs. You can sign them up for a culinary day-meal that will be delivered to their home. Read all about this here >>

➐ Of course, there are also many initiatives outside the Randstad that support the catering industry. For example, take a look at: & that map out all the take-away and home delivery options.

Bingewatchen from one season to the other. Finally checking out what all the hype is about with that one show everyone is talking about, feel like a kid again because of Disney or dive deep into a documentary? We have a LOT of lists with tips for on demand platforms. Here they come:

Watch Cinetree for free for 14 days >>

26 X tips for Disney+  >>

33 X tips for Videoland  >>

60 X tips for Netflix for every mood >>

➒ Are you now at home a lot, and tired of your interior? We already had these nice home inspo lists ready, because you have asked via Instagram Stories if I wanted to share all the inspiration of my renovated house. They now come in handy to make it cozy at home:

14 X home shops where I find great stuff for the house all the time >>

With these items you give your home a touch of Bali >>

16 X home items that bring Marrakech to your living room>>

➓ Whether you’re working at home, trying to exercise in the living room, playing a game or having a drink at home … these playlists are SO good. Believe me … they get you through the day!

► The one and only playlist from restaurant Wijmpje Beukers. Available now for all followers of Your Little Black Book! Check it here >>

► Go for that Bali surf vibe in your home with this amazing playlist from boutique hotel The Slow in Canggu. One of my personal favourites >>


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{ Support Your Locals } Vanaf vandaag is je favoriet @sjefietshe open voor Sjefietshe Al Paso (ceviche to go)! Afhalen (en straks ook bezorgen) met een Sjefietshe-twist. ~ La Fiesta Los Visburger ~ Een klein(er), maar fijn menu. Zes items met een doorsnede van al het moois dat Sjefietshe te bieden heeft. Van de fish cakes tot de classic ceviche. En van de visburgers die normaal alleen verkrijgbaar zijn tijdens het ‘La Fiesta Los Visburger-event’ tot het meest geliefde item van de menukaart: de gegrilde pulpo! Erbij een overheerlijk frietje en het voelt thuis alsof je écht uit eten bent. Dit hele menu (zie swipe) kan afgehaald worden bij Sjefietshe. Uiteraard houden zij zich aan alle regels van het RIVM (inclusief pin only). Als ze op Thuisbezorgd live zijn dan lees je dat op WWW.YOURLITTLEBLACKBOOK.ME waar je nu sowieso al heel veel tips vindt hoe je lokale ondernemers kunt supporten, maar ook luchtige tips over het thuis gezellig maken. 📷 via @sjefietshe ___________________________________________________ #supportyourlocals #amsterdam #amsterdamcovidtips #amsterdamcity #amsterdamfood #stayincation #yourlbb

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MORE tips FOR AT HOME? Let’s make it a stay-in-cation!


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