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Spotted in Amsterdam: Vedder & Vedder

16 May 2016

Vedder & Vedder: minimalistic jewelry with a personal touch

Boutique store in, boutique store out, I love being on the hunt for special treasures. So when I spotted this new brand and found out it has its roots in Amsterdam, I was sold. Vedder & Vedder was founded in 2011 by the dropdead gorgeous twin sisters Anne & Esther Vedder and they have been working so hard since then. Their items are spotted on all the hip girls and even on several Dutch celebrities.

The idea behind Vedder & Vedder is that you make the jewelry items personal by adding a personal message. Minimalistic looks with maximum meaning, how nice is that? You can easily select your favorite items in the online shop and add your personal message to the design. You can even use your own handwriting for this. How cute is this to give to or to get from your family and friends?

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