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Spotted in Amsterdam: Healthy pizza of Magioni

19 March 2016

pizza will never be a ‘guilty’ pleasure again

Pizza, mi amore! Sometimes I can really enjoy a tasty pizza. Preferably in such a small, cute little Italian trattoria. My all-time favorite? The Quattro Formaggi :-)

But the downside of pizza is that you almost immediately after eating get tackled by guilt. Because you ate too much, because pizza is not really a culinary masterpiece and there are so many other tasty dishes on the menu. But also because pizza is of course not very ‘healthy’. And in 2016, where almost everything is about happy and healthy, this is of course the biggest objection.

Healthy pizza from Magioni

Time to say goodbye to all that guilt. Some heroes from Amsterdam have done the best discovery ever; healthy pizza! The dough of the pizzas of Magioni is mainly made of cauliflower. Magioni also uses traditional Dutch red beets and carrots as a base for pizza dough. These crazy colored pizzas are totally Instagram proof!

The healthy pizzas Magioni are healthy, taste delicious and easy to prepare. You only need to bake them in your oven. We’ve spotted three different flavors on the site of Magioni (but also saw some other flavors on social media); Mozzarella, Sportciale (with carrots, chicken and extra proteins) and Veganini (with red beets, goat cheese, honey and figs). Sounds great right? The pizzas are currently available via HelloFresh, but they’re coming to your supermarket soon!

Click here to visit the site of Magioni!

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