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Spotted in Amsterdam: ‘De Worst Story’ by Samuel Levie

15 December 2015

Three friends made their dreams come true in 2011; they started their own business. In sausages. Geert van Wersch, Jiri Brandt en Samuel Levie were colleagues at a restaurant in Amsterdam and became best friends. They shared a passion for cooking and were in love with one specific dish; sausages. They packed their suitcases and went a ‘sausage trip’, visiting the best cooks in the world. When they came back, they made it their mission to make the best sausages of the Netherlands.

Everyone knows the sausages of Brandt & Levie by now. A flavorful pancetta to a Berliner Bratwurst; these three men know their sausages. Their products are sold in various stores and can also be tasted in dozens of restaurant in The Netherlands.

‘De Worst Story’

One of the three friends, Samuel Levie, decided to write the story of him and his friends down. This resulted in the book ‘De Worst Story‘, which was launched in November. This book does not only tell the story of the three Dutch men, but also contains more than 80 recipes! ‘De Worst Story’ is available in bookstores or online.

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