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Spott Amsterdam: a pop-up store with one of a kind pearls in the Czaar Peterstraat

7 November 2017

Spott Amsterdam sells products of young designers

Looking for new, special products? In the next few weeks you probably want to visit Spott Amsterdam on a regular basis. Spott Amsterdam is a new pop up store in the Czaar Peterstraat, run by six young entrepreneurs of the minor Ondernemerschap of the HvA. The young upcoming designers are given the opportunity to sell their most beautiful products here and discover entrepreneurship in full glory. What you can score here? Think of products like speltvodka, suède hats, handmade watches, desigh tables and chairs, industrial lamps and more.

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The young entrepreneurs pay a symbolic rent of 50 euros a month, who doesn’t sell makes place for another. Just like in real life. Then is examined why the product wasn’t sold. A good way to learn entrepreneurship. And, of course, to introduce us to beautiful one of a kind pieces ;-)

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Czaar Peterstraat 68

Amsterdam (Amsterdam East)


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