Snorkelen Aruba


Snorkeling in Aruba: relaxed day at sea

22 July 2015

Experience the Caribbean sea from a boat and snorkel above a wreck

Without snorkeling i can’t leave a topical island like Aruba. I’m the happiest when i’m in the water. During my Aruba adventure i went snorkeling with Palm Tours. When i’m around the sea and the water is bright and turquoise i really have to dive into it!

Snorkelen Aruba

Tip: Have lunch at Boegaloo before or after snorkeling!

Snorkelen Aruba

The coral is the most beautiful around the rocks. I can’t say that it was the most beautiful snorkel trip I ever did, but snorkeling in Aruba is a relaxed day on the sea. With lunch, open bar (yes, all local drinks are included) en a sun deck to chill on the catamaran. The boat is leaving from the Palm pier. Tip: Have lunch at Boegaloo before or after snorkelling!



Snorkelen Aruba

There are several companies that offer snorkel tours in Aruba. I went on a trip with Palm Tours. They also have other tours that are good to check out if you want to discover the island.  Click here for more information.

Snorkling Aruba

Beauty Travel Tip for the ladies:
Get your nails done and choose for shellac. It looks like normal nail polish, but it stays for minimal two weeks! It visited  All Daring in Amsterdam.

Snorkling Aruba

Snorkling Aruba

Plan your trip to Aruba!

>> KLM offers direct flights from Amsterdam to Aruba from € 756- and up. During the World Deal Weeks they often have special offers for less than € 500,-. Check the lowest rates here!

>> Our favourite hotel on Aruba is the Boardwalk Small Hotel in Noord. With a beautiful swimming pool and casitas with your own hammock! Discover the Boardwalk Small Hotel here.

>> Do you want more information about Aruba and what the island has to offer beside beaches and sun? Go to the website of Aruba Tourism Authority and discover this One Happy Island!

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