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SKÁL, LES, NYC: “Cheers” on Nordic Cuisine in New York!

17 January 2014
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SKAL, Nordic cuisine in a warm and modern spot

I have read a lot about this new restaurant on the Lower East Side named SKAL. And a lot of good things especially, so that’s why we’re here tonight to check out the Icelandic cuisine ourselves. And how often do you get to try typical dishes from Iceland?
Well, they don’t actually serve typical and original dishes from Iceland. Because when I was in Iceland we had a lot of different foods. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Oh no, they serve some great dishes here.
But what makes it an Icelandic restaurant then, other than that the owner is Icelandic? I guess it’s more of an overall Nordic twist when looking at the ingredients and the chef that used to work for Noma (!) and of course its name (“skál” means “cheers”).
I think a Scandinavian restaurant like this is a perfect addition to the neighborhood. These two opposites actually match so well together. I mean the grey and roughness of the Lower East Side is just so totally different from this clean, fresh and light place. And that’s what makes it so interesting.

It’s difficult to choose from the menu that has a lot of interesting dishes. Like for example “Salt Cod Croquettes with Horseradish Remoulade” or the “Wild Maine Mussels, Celery Root, Brown Butter and Bartlett Pear”. We order the “Glazed Berkshire Cheeks, Buckwheat Porridge, Whelk Escabeche” and “Mustards and the Roasted Monkfish, Cauliflower, Cabbages and Seaweed”. The “Monkfish” is really good, but I must say the “Cheeks” are excellent. As a dessert we’re having the “Winesap Apples, Oats and Buttermilk” which really tastes like more….
The restaurant itself is quite cozy and charming, has a light interior, white walls, light blue colors. We love the bar! I always think that’s a nice place to spend an evening (with or without dinner). It’s easy to have a little chat with the bar staff and you have a good view of the restaurant.
Hopefully we can come back again in summer when they put the tables outside. Must be a very cool spot then!

Skal interior Lower East Side NYC
Name: SKÁL
Address: 37 Canal Street
Neighborhood: Lower East Side, New York
Perfect for: Having a quality dinner at a cozy place, weekend brunch, outdoor dinner

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