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Sir Hummus Kitchen Amsterdam: fresh pitas with juicy falafel in the Pijp

17 October 2017

homemade pitas and hummus at sir hummus kitchen Amsterdam

YES our favourite hummus spot has opened a second location: Sir Hummus Kitchen Amsterdam. The first place went so well that they actually needed a bigger kitchen. Of course there was no place for so it was time to open a second location.  That one is located at the Ruysdaelkade in The Pijp.

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As soon as you walk in here, your eye hits the big (!) kitchen with a stone oven. In this kitchen the pita buns are baked. These pitas are also baked here for their hummus paradise on the Van der Helstplein. Daily fresh pitas are brought to that location in their real Amsterdam blue cargo bike. How fun!

sir hummus kitchen

fresh pita buns at sir hummus kitchen amsterdam

What makes this spot so special (and delicious) is that the pitas aren’t baked in large numbers in the morning as restaurants usually do, but just per order. And that’s why they taste so freshly baked! I hear you thinking, a little devious? On the other side; everything for the best pita ;-)

At this location you can mainly score pitas. Although the menu is not fully filled yet, we can tell you one of the pitas: the traditional falafel pita, but then next level with onion, herbs and a good sauce. Soon we can expect about three to four different pitas on the menu. We can’t wait to try them all because this one with falafel is definitely recommended!

sir hummus kitchen

sir hummus kitchen

We love the underground vibe at sir hummus kitchen Amsterdam

Sir Hummus Kitchen Amsterdam has an underground vibe, which we sometimes miss in Amsterdam. You may have to search for this pita walhalla because it’s somewhat hidden, but if you finally spot the blue facade, you will never miss it again while biking past it. Inside this location of Sir Hummus Kitchen you’ll find the famous vintage vibe, think of wooden tables and crutches, and vintage accessories that they got from all over the place. Nice!

sir hummus kitchen

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Sir Hummus Kitchen

Ruysdaelkade 181

Amsterdam (De Pijp)


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