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Shops in Iceland: gift store at Selfoss Geyser Center Iceland

26 October 2012

A wild gem!

At the most unexpected places in the world you sometimes find a real gem! In the heart of the rocky geyser area in Iceland near Reykjavik we got dropped at yet another giftshop… At first it seemed like an ordinary gift shop full of puffins (that funny bird!) and I love Iceland mugs. But surprisingly the back of the shop is styled in Davy Crockett style, with lots of wood, furs and trendy lumber jack clothes. The rough side of Iceland translated in a shop! In the shop there is a stuffed polar bear that drifted from Greenland and sadly didn’t make the swim. Luckily I was told by the shop manager that this does not happen often. Very original products are the woollen hats with woollen moustaches (great for snowboarding) and the huge suits for cocooning (not very sexy hehe).

Gift shop at Geysir Center Iceland:
Address: Haukadalur, Iceland
Website: geysircenter.com 
Category: souvenir store with a good selection of clothes.
Products: from clothes till purses.

PS: a great restaurant in Reykjavik is Fish Company, read my blog here.

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